Bank Accounts?

Is it possible to get a German bank account when you're still registered living in England? A tough one as we don't know, but will Brexit have any effect to the matter?

(Side note) I could PM Beppi/Tom, as they are a fellow Expert/Advisor to the site. But as this could benefit others I will not bother them or others for that matter and post the question here, on the open forum.

As far as I know, legally you don't have to live in Germany to open an account with a German bank.
But in reality most banks ask for a German address and only accept people living in Germany as customers, perhaps to reduce risk.
I don't know if there are any that don't. Google or contact individual banks and ask! (You probably have better chances at international banks, I would assume.)
If you have a German account, however, you do not have to close it if you move abroad. (Been there, done that.)

Going back a long time now (so pre-Brexit), but we had to close our German bank accounts with Commerzbank when we moved to Holland.

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