Many thanks for Google Man OF Bahrain Expat : XTang

I must thank this man  XTang for his all helpful threads, I really found all what I need before and after coming to Bahrain.
And I think you should also thank him for his big efforts to help expats.

Thank you so much dear XTang, The Google Man of Bahrain Expat ^^

He he.  Thanks for that :)  happy to help!

Yes, He is the Encyclopedia in himself. He deserves accolades for his sincere and dedicated efforts to respond to as many as possible. May be we may meet in person XTang, will thank you then again. Keep doing the good work.

:thanks:  :thanks: XTang.

XTang is lighthouse to all of us.
XTang is knowledgesun to all of us.
XTang is a gem.
I love XTang.

logicalindian,gunner757,Farhaz has also contributed  in the same way  of XTang.I love them also.XTang is captan of this helping team.

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