My short journey in Warszawa

Hello to all the community members,

I am working in India from almost around 7 years in IT (software test Engineering profile) and I moved here to visit my wife who recently got relocated from India to Warsaw from her organization's side.

As we both wanted to stay together here in Poland which is why I am on a break from my job from December. We really like this place as the quality of life is good here, transportation is organized, alcohol is cheaper and people are sweet to talk although a language barrier does exist but thank god we have a Google translate app which makes the job a bit easier when it comes to buy groceries, searching the routes with difficult names.

Apart from all this there is one concern that I am having is that in between all this time from December till date I am constantly applying jobs on multiple job boarding sites like pracuj, inforpraca, Hays, Randstad, justjoinIT etc I did not get a single positive response in regards to hire an expat even after achieving a good education and good amount of experience as they/client cannot wait for work permit issuance or ready to issue work permit as I do not have any document yet. Just letting you guys that I am really happy with my India job it is just that I really love my wife and would like to be with her and I want to support her personally plus financially.

The Recruitment lifecycle is slow here as whenever I try to get in touch regarding the job post with recruiter most of the times recruiter are on leave or hiring manager on leave or client is unreachable and most of all I usually get response as "unfortunately we cannot proceed with your application as client is seeking out for polish + english speaker" (which was mostly not mentioned in the job description). Also there are many instances when there is no reason mentioned about why they cannot move forward with my application and even recruiters are unreachable.

My current organization granted me non-paid leaves of 90 days which I think is very short time to find a job in IT. I am having a bit hard time during this job hunting period and I am continuously building linkedin connection from every part of Poland (mostly recruiters) to help me out with my situation. I am still hoping before going back to India some positive response so that I can spend my time with my wife and to engage with Polish people.

I am tensed regarding my career whether to quit my job from India or not as it will be loss to my career and finance. It builds huge amount of pressure and kind of stressful nights.

Suggestion to the hiring teams:
Please reply on time as when you come back from annual/sick leaves you lately come to know that some other candidate got selected, internally position gets fulfilled etc and the candidate who is eagerly waiting for the response get the reply after the multiple follow ups by almost a week or two later and it kills all the hopes and time a person waited just to hear one positive response that the application is accepted to move to further stages of recruitment.

I am ready to step down my designation and okay to work on lesser payout and even can join a junior category role and sacrifice my IT domain to work on Non-IT field just to start with something at least.

I am all the time available on my phone and if someone in his/her valuable time is reading my 2.5 months of  experience as expat in Poland and can come forward for the support then I would be really thankful to him/her for their time and effort they are giving to me.

Thank you all

Best of luck and Have a great weekend ahead!
Good night :)


Hi, Thanks for writing here, of course, recruitment process is very slow here but a lot of IT opportunity in Poland.
I can suggest you here, do not lose your India job otherwise, you will be in trouble.
Before leaving India job to think twice.

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