Looking for Social Media/Digital Marketing Savvy?

Hello Expat Community!

I'm Kristjan from Philippines!
I'm looking for an opportunity to work in Bangkok related to digital marketing or IT as I have experience in both field.

I graduated with the degree in Information Technology, Cum Laude. I'm a technology and trends, and social media enthusiast; knowledgeable in web programming and SEO.

I had a short vacation in Bangkok, Thailand last November 2018. As I've explored this great city, I learned a lot of things and my eagerness to stay in Bangkok became much stronger. My heart just captivated by this city. That's why I'm pursuing to find a job and work for my passion, widen my skills, and to explore this beautiful country.

May I suggest that you get either a CELTA or TEFL certification to teach English, instead,...first.

You'll save yourself considerable expense, in effort, money and time, by immediately pursuing an IT position in Bangkok,...especially when there are so many equally qualified Thais, who are "out-of-work" in that field.  Good luck. :cheers:

That's great idea.
I have questions. I'm actually going to have a short vacation again in Bangkok.
(1) If I decided to take CELTA/TEFL while in Bangkok, is it possible for me to request a visa extension?
(2) Where to take it to ensure compliance? (3) Where are good places to look for teaching and testing locations?

Thank you!

Your welcome.

Correction: "You'll save yourself considerable expense, in effort, money and time, by not immediately pursuing an IT position in Bangkok,...etc." Sorry about that ^, also the reply delay.

Anyway,...goto the Thai Embassy (in your home country) to obtain a 2+1 month (extension) Tourist Visa. That visa-type will provide sufficient time for you to get your "directional" bearings in Thailand,...while remaining visa compliant. :top:

Also, if you're seriously considering, either CELTA or TEFL cert. course. then do so, there, in your home (city) country, instead,...assuming that to be feasible. That way you're ready to (immediately) go job hunting, within a few days after your next arrival. Good luck. :cheers:

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