Work Visa Stamping and Passport Expiry

Hello, i hope you guys are doing well.

Need some info:

My passport will expire in August this year, i am going final exit at the end of this month. Will submit my  papers for VISA stamping approximately mid or late March, at that time my passport would be valid for 5 months. I hope to get everything done before end of April. Still my passport would be valid for 3 months when i travel back on new work visa in early May.

Will i face any problem regarding any stamping of work VISA or travelling? OR Should i renew it now? and than start the whole process

Exit is no issue.

Stamping of new work visa might be an issue depending on the Saudi mission you are applying for.  Some apply the rules in a strict manner, requiring your passport to be valid for 3-6 beyond period of work visa expiry.  Others don't care and stamp anyway.  I have seen both cases.

Many thanks Xtang. I have already started the Passport renewal procedure.

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