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Hey guys,
I’m looking for a job in Lille. I’m a law graduate (from the U.K.) with masters in corporate and commercial law. I’m bilingual in English and Arabic, intermediate malay, and beginner French.
Though I have graduated in law, i have worked as an English teacher/ telecommunation sales for 4 years.
I have a lot of skills and I’m able to adapt to whatever position.
I have a spouse visa so that shouldn’t be an issue.
I would really appreciate if someone new a vacant for English/Arabic speakers.
It’s extremeky hard to find a job here since my French isn’t so great, but I’m taking lessons.

Hi Nwan,

You will get more views by posting an advert and creating your cv in the Jobs in Lille section of the website. Feel free to do so.

Moreover, have a lool at the Finding work in Lille article, you will find some useful information and links to specialised websites.

All the best,

Que tipo d trabajo buscas?

Hi Vivi1313,

Could you please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand?

Thank you,

Hello I'm sorry ... I speak only French, Italian and Spanish.

Hello everyone,

[at] Vivi, in that case, you can participate on these forums :

- Forum France

- Forum Francia

- Foro Francia

All the very best,

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