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Im living from litle time ago in Monastir, Tunisia.Im looking for a job, but until now i didnt find nothing.
I have experience in several areas, and really im very interested about can work.If someone can help me about this matter, o can give me ideas, i would like very grateful.


Hi Lala R! :)

I hope other members will be able to help you.

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I find a job on Djerba, around cities Midun or Houmt Souk. I love this country and I want to go there for 3-5 months. Can you help me please?? Thanks..

About what exactly i can help you? What you need?:)

Hello Lala R :-)

please can you tell me, if I have some chance to find a job on Djerba? I think that´s a big problem for Czech person..:-(

I think its complicate find a job in Tunisia.Im looking for one and i didnt find nothing yet!

I don't think is difficult for czech person. In fact, there's a lot of travel agency and hotel employing czech person as a guide for czech tourists

Good luck

hello friends !!
i think the best chance you have you new coming to tunisia is to find work in call centres ! there they need a lot of speaking english people .. because as u can see tunisian people dont speak it very well . so you must follow this option may be ;)  u can find always offer about call centre in the news paper  specialy  la press news papaer and i hope that help you salaam

I've tried also to find a job but they always tell me the same: the government pays 40% of the salary or something like that and the 60% is paid by the employer; but if there is a foreign person, the costs are for the employer they won't hire me anywhere. Also, the law is clear about foreign labor: if there is a citizen qualified  for the job, the employer cannot hire a foreign person. If you get to find a call center that employs foreigners fluent in Spanish, French, and English, please let us know !! :)

well there are always offer in the daily news paper  (la presse)

Yes, and in Tanijobs, and other websites.... but my friend, the law is written here:
Believe me, my husband didn't know anything about employment of foreigners in not easy like some might think, and it's impossible for others (mostly for the ones who come from countries without diplomatic relations with Tunisia). J'ai regardée la presse tout l'année passée, j'ai eu 4 entretiens et quand c'est le moment de signer le contrat..tous m'ont expliqué la loi...donc... c'est pas facile =(

I found a place for MBA holders who need a teaching job

je ne peu pas te contre dire apropo de la loi j ai jamais passer par la.
you know better than me . im so sorry for you friend . how ever you can try with giving private home english and spanich cursus ..
did you try with that >

I had a funny story this week, I had an interview with one travel agency, they are looking for a Polish speaking person to work as guide. I cannot even call it an 'interview' because the man wanted me to leave since the moment I entered the office. He was not even interested to take a look at my cv, he said that they were not searching at the moment, while the day before when I spoke with him on the phone he was ready to give me a job 'tout de suite'.

You would aks why?

Did you ever think that headscarf (mharma) would make such a difference?

@Riad, I used to do that when I was 19-24 years old and just starting my career, now I don't want to start from 0 again. I will just find another opportunity in Colombia or USA. Thanks for the advice though.
@Asfoura, my brother in law works on a company where they disqualify the "pretty" candidates applying for the jobs and keep the not so attractive ones (in his own words). He even reviewed some CV of the "pretty" candidates and many of them were more qualified than the some of the ones they actually keep. Believe me, I am not surprised about your story... good luck in your job hunting!

thanks, i didn't make it clear, actually i wear hijab (just a headscarf) and that's why i was disqualified, even Polish face didn't help ;) maybe in tourism they have different standards...

I understand that people judge others by apparances, but still, prejudice against hijab in so called muslim country..?

to found a job in tunisia just you should be have more chance

Hello!im American origine from Tunisia ,I live in paris.I am 32 years old,i'll be in Monastir from 8 to 10 june i want to meet a nice girl to hangout and have fun disco club..resto...etc..
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bonne chance a vous courage.

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