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Hi Everyone!

I'm from Sri Lanka. My husband lives in Phnom Penh and I'm moving to Cambodia next month. I found a job and while they prepare my business visa, I was wondering should I buy a round ticket or a one-way ticket from Sri Lanka? Should I wait till the visa gets approved? How long do you think the visa is going to take?

Does anyone have any information regarding this?

Thank you in advance. I can't wait to call Cambodia home.

This is what they say about getting a Cambodian visa:

Kindly contact and apply your Cambodia Visa at the nearest Cambodia embassies or consulates in your neighboring countries or in any country in person or by email before arriving in Cambodia.

On top I think an invitation of your employer would be helpful.

I think an onward ticket (cheap one) takes away any doubts.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

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