Licensed business on the streets of BCN

Hi guys,

My name is Ovidiu, I'm 28 years old, and I'm planning to relocate in Barcelona, within May-June along with my family. Besides my beloved wife, I have 2 boys - one is 2 years and a half, and the other one is 2 months old.

I am also willing to relocate my business too, which is mostly about photo booth rentals.

From my perspective, the business will root immediately if I can manage to do what I have in mind - I want to setup photo booths, in the streets, in the crowded areas.. but there are two main problems:
1. the power supply... planning to get power from some neighbours, for a fee ofc;
2. the license... this is the most overwhelming thing I studied about...

I read, I study, I send e-mails and talk with both sides, consultants and employees of public entities. The firsts, say that is almost impossible because it's too much bureaucracy (maybe it's true, but for someone who truly desires this, it isn't a problem), and the public institutions keep passing me to one from another (talk to that, talk with them, we don't know that kind of stuff - go and talk with..).

If someone, knows anything about this, please, give me a hint.


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