Work permit as per new rule effective from 1st Jan 2019

My employer applied for a work permit on Jan 25th 2019. It seems like it might take upto 4 months to get both work and residence permit as per new rule.
Has anyone also applied after 1st Jan.


Following the congestion of the administrative services of the Belgian state, all response times are purely theoretical and regularly exceeded.

Now success depends on the quality of the preparation of your file.

Thanks for your response. I have resigned and I will be relieved in mid March. Do you have any idea, if the documents ae right, are there any chances to get the work permit by that time.

Hi! Did you get the permit by now? I hope so. If so how long did it take? I am currently in the process and received my work permit (two weeks ago) but not yet my residence permit. I’m sure of the date my employer sent in my forms but it’s been almost two months I believe. Thanks so much!

Hi, do you have any update about this topic? My employer applied in mid April for Working Permit B in Wallonie and it is July and no responses yet.

Guys, find more info about it here: … 10#4622905

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