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Hello everyone , "sorry for my English is not so good"

So basically , I was doing an Asian Trip , I stayed one month in philippines before to flight from manilla to Singapour (07/02/2019) , when I arrived to Singapour , the immigration stopped and I spend with them many hours for check in everything, at the end they stamp my passport and told me welcome to Singapor but before leaving the airport the custom arrest me to do some verification and touch my hand with a tool and the result was that apparently I used narcotics which is totally false , I asked them to do urine test or blood test but they didn't want....

they asked me if I have ever tried drugs before in my life , and because I'm honest I said yes I used to smoke weed long time ago but I never took narcotics or whatever ... so after that  the custom sent me back to the immigration on a little room . I saw many people asking me a lot of questions and at the end someone came to the room and told me that I'll not be allow to go in the country. so they sent me back to manilla straight.

right now I'm in manilla, im stuck on the immigration because they don't want to let me leave the country they told me that I have to book a flight ticket from my original country where I come from ...

So I'll have to go back to France unfortunately and wasting a lot of money...

My question is , I'm looking for an email or something to contact them just to see for how long I'm blacklist on this country , cause maybe one day I'll try to go back because I really wanted to see the city, now I'm really frustrated because my original plan after Singapore was going to Mauritius island so I lost my flight ticket and have to go back in France that's really crazy.... for something that I didn't do

if you know the email address of ICA that I need to use for contact them pls tell me , cause they told go to the website but I'm looking since 4 hours and I don't know where is the right thing for contact them

again sorry my English and any help will be appreciated , I know that I'm black listed but just want to know for hong long

and I wanted to ask you , you think because they black list me im not able anymore to do some transit on this country ???

One thing to learn from this: As a foreigner trying to enter a country, you have no rights and that country's authorities can deny you for any reason they like - it does not matter if wrong or false, you cannot do anything!
Of course drugs is a very sensitive issue in Singapore (as you probably knew). The test turned out positive and you confirmed their suspicion (then claiming that weed is not a narcotic didn't help either).

Every ICA webpage has a "Contact us" link at the upper right corner, which leads to a page giving you all addresses and phone numbers.
If you need to contact them by email, just enter "email enquiries" into the search box on top of the page and you get a list of email addresses.
This is so simple and obvious that I really wonder how you could have spent four hours without finding it. Maybe your brain suffered from your past drugs use?

It is possible to change flights at Changi Airport without clearing immigration (and thus despite a ban), but they can (and sometimes do) check for drugs and others in the transit area as well.

Sorry to hear your story. It’s something shouldn’t have happened but you should aware of Singapore law, which is toughest against drug users.
I should suggest avoid visit here as they will have all your data, includes the incident happened with you, may create trouble in future, if you visit again.

Coming back to your request, I had shared ICA contact email link many times in previous threads. Here you go again:

If ICA officer confirms that you can travel in future, bring that email confirmation but it doesn’t give you guarantee a walk over at immigration checkpoint. The officer still can deny your entry to Singapore. Good luck

thanks for you reply , my last question is im not able to do transit on this airport anymore ? I mean if I buy a flight to go somewhere else and I need to transit at Changi airport they won't let me take my next flight because of whats happen??? I mean you tell to not visit Singapore on this point I'm totally agree with you and honestly I don't want to go there for visit but just for flight connection it will be the same problem ??

Fusella :

thanks for you reply , my last question is im not able to do transit on this airport anymore ? I mean if I buy a flight to go somewhere and I need to transit at Changi airport   because of whats happen they won't let me take my other plane ?

Chances are less that they will track such cases through transit via Changi airport but you won’t surprise if they do, as their system can track anyone and everyone who has landed Singapore using AI. Try to avoid, if possible.

alright so even if I don't need to cross the immigration they can stop me on the transit and send me back where I come from. so I have to avoid the connection in Singapour everytime now ... thats really weird :( because in Asia so many flight are connected with Singapore so I need to solve the problem with them just to be able to do transit

I had already answered your question about transiting at Changi Airport.
Yes, you should definitely try to clear the matter with ICA if you intend to travel in Asia again!

Could you pls just tell me which service I need to contact ?

Fusella :

Could you pls just tell me which service I need to contact ?

Their help desk email for entry visa. Request them to advise if you can enter again.

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