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Bridgetanddav How is the residency coming along?  Did you have the physicals yet?  We had a lawyer quote us $2000 per person.  I thought that was crazy.

Our physicals are scheduled for March 28th.  We aren't using a lawyer.  I'm taking a translator with me. I have done everything myself.  The lawyer had quoted us $1800 for a couple and it only included him submitting our paperwork (which I can do myself) and a ride to the clinic. RipOFF.

planner :

Hahahahahahaha  traffic jam in Cortecito, now I am sorry that is too funny.  I live in Santo Doming where we have real traffic jams.

Sorry, english is not my native language, I meant that cars are driving in crazy way (read it in a lot of places), or that they drive bad. I am here for a week and I realised half of cars don't have even a plate, the other half have a plate only on back side (for me that's weird).

So much to get used to with traffic here!  Yes so much is strange.

cindyscruise :

Where exactly will you be in the area?  And yes it is a tourist area but we love it.  Not sure if you are a walker but you can walk to the BAM market (pricey) El Dorado has a great French pastry shop.  Last time we were there we used the same taxi driver.  Never paid $30 not even from the airport.  We took the bus most of the time.  40 pesos  The SuperLama Supermarket is a short bus ride.  There are many condos in the area.  We are moving there permanently sometime in the fall.  My husband is a golfer and enjoys the variety of courses.  But if you are looking for a lot of nightlife then not so much.

hello we moved to el Cortecito (2 minutes walk from BAM market). Taxis are really expensive, and we realised everything we can ask by whatsapp or online. The online market is 10% more expensive than superlama or jumbo, sometimes they don't have something that we asked but it saves my time.

my only problem is to get cash since only place I can do it without paying a big fee is in plaza san juan. the ATM machines from bávaro are too expensive.

by now I am loving, just think bars here (in this area where i dont need car to go) are too expensive, except by a cuban bar besides BAM where mojito costs 700 pesos from 6pm to 10pm. if anyone know about cheap place in this range, please tell me. :)

It sounds like Punta Cana is not the area for you. Everything is "too expensive".

We used to own a condo in El Cortecito a few years ago but decided to sell. We just visited in December and the bars and restaurants have gotten too $$ ($7.00US for Presidente Light beer at a place we used to love going and $40US for a lobster). We also found that the beach in El Cortecito was smaller after Hurricane Maria went thru that area and it was already a narrow beach. We are going to explore other areas of DR before we buy anything again.

The North Coast has had some new gated comminitees pop-up lately with new vlllas for less than buying a condo in PC that is where we will start. In PC I feel like we would be paying as much as we pay in SW Florida to live.

Try hour republic.  Go past the BAM then turn left at the pharmacie,  take the next right.  You will see the mexican restaurant and hour republic is right next to it.  Presidente were 125 pesos.  Mixed drinks I don't remember but I don't remember them being 700

sorry, I put a ZERO more in the price... my bad... it is 70 pesos. :) it's a very good price.


You are reading my mind! Our interest in the North Coast is to enjoy island life AND the lower cost of living  -  compared to the US.

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