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Playing around in Google, I found a number of live web cams in the DR. I have been watching a live view of Playa La Bonita for most of the day - Beautiful!
I'm not really sure if this makes being at work easier or harder, LOL.
I do know it makes me want to get to the Dominican as soon as possible......

This one of the jetty in Samana will be an interesting one to follow from early tomorrow morning seeing all the boats head out to watch the whales. … amana.html

I can imagine it makes you want to be here!

This is the view I'm torturing myself with if anyone is interested.
BTW, I'm just outside of St. Louis Missouri and this mornings temps are: 14* and wind chill making it -1* … onita.html

Lovely beach imo and so tranquil. And it appears the surf is up outside the Carolina Surf School today.

I was up there from the capital just before Christmas staying at Atlantis Hotel for a weekend. I either stay at Hotel Alisei on Playa Las Ballenas which is due east over the headland seen in the webcam (Punta Bonita) or Hotel Atlantis on Play Bonita which is about a hundred yards west of the webcam.

The best swimming on this beach even when the surf is up is at the far end under the headland. It is protected from the tradewinds.

Where can I see the live webcam?

Click on the links provided.  Nice views!

Before someone picks it up, my error in post 5, the headland you see is Loma Bonita with private villas and you can't access directly Playa Las Ballenas. Punta Bonita is the other way to the west.

thks for this link
not too much of difference where i live in Canada Ottawa it is nice and sunny at ur place and when i look at my backyard 3 metre of snow LOL planing to retire in DR need sun and beach local food that all

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