Epass renewal rejected. Appeal rejected.

Hello everyone! My epass has expired last 27 Jan 2019 and the EP renewal was applied last 29 Nov 2018. Few days after (sometime Dec) the result was rejected. My employer raised an appeal and waited for the result (rejected too) which only came out last 31 Jan. Before my epass expiration this 27 Jan (while waiting for the result of the appeal), MOM issued a Temporary Extension of Work Pass valid until 23 Feb 2019. My worry now is, since I only have until 23 Feb to stay, does this mean I am still qualified for a 30 short term visit pass that is automatically given to those pass that is cancelled or this Temporary Extension of Work Pass is already the 30 days STVP?

I think you will get the 30 days SVP when your temporary EP expires - but better confirm this with MoM!

Thank you! I really do hope they will give another 30 STVP.

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