Pregnant girlfriend

I am from a non EU country. I am in Sweden on a visitor visa. I have had a girlfriend in Sweden even before I visited. Now she is pregnant. And afraid of being alone when I go back to my home country. Is the a way I can stay. Thank you

If you staying is a problem, perhaps you could look at her moving to your home country.

Thanks for your response. I have tried to talk her into but she says raising a child in Sweden is better and prefer to stay...


If you would like to answer some questions can we at least try to come up with a scenario that you can gamble with. How many weeks of pregnant she is and how many days you have left and how many days you have been here?


Thanks... I have 4 more months. She only delivers after I have left. Does it mean I can't be the when my child is born. She is almost 2 months pregnant ...

Through tourist visa you may not have a chance for another extension because your stay altogether already will become 180 days with next four months.
But father be with the mother during a delivery is almost "holy" in Sweden so you have a chance through fundamental human needs. In order to go through that way you also have to take the proper way to be parents, in other words get married (even registered partnership may works) 
I know a case which has happened for many years ago that they handled the total case in 3.5 months so that father and mother (husband and wife) could be together during the delivery. Migration Agency is obligated to take priority handling time for cases when pregnancy is a matter.

My advice hire a female lawyer here is a tip … ation-law/

All the best!

Thanks. I was worried they say I have to go back home and apply for residency.

Let me clarify it. Yes it is true what they have said to you. You have to apply from there.
That is why you need an advocate to affect them because of pregnancy. What you get is following.

Force them to go to a shorter handling time.
you may miss approx 3 months out of whole pregnancy time but will be here before the due date. 

As I said do not waste a single day start your process right away and start with an advocate if you really want this to happen.

Thanks alot. I appreciate

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