Best universities in Saudi Arabia

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Students make up an important part of the expat population. This year again, thousands around the world will be leaving their home country to study abroad. How about giving them a hand by sharing with them information about the best universities in Saudi Arabia?

What are the best universities in Saudi Arabia ? What makes them the best universities? What are their international ranking?

What are the success rates of these universities?

What are the subjects taught at these universities?

What are the general requirements to get into them?

What are the tuition fees to study at those universities?

When does the academic year begin and end in Saudi Arabia ?

What are the specific advantages of studying in these universities (job prospects, internships, internationally recognized degrees…) ?

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Hi university studies are not bad in Saudi Arabia but  i did not enroll any studies in KSA. if you are interested to study in KSA, you have to go through procedures in KSA systems, i dont think it will suit for you as you area female unless other wise any relatives in KSA sponsored for your studies.\

what subject/ field you are interested in to study , graduations let me know the details.



Hi, check this link:
It will direct you to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). A very unique campus, one of the kind in the kingdom and it is located about 80 km north of Jeddah.

Hi David,

Thank you for this information.

Priscilla is from the team. We launched this topic to have more information about universities in Saudi Arabia.

Thank you for sharing :)

Christine team

There is no easy info available for expats in english on different universities.

Well, I have been educated in King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals. Its one of the top in Saudi Arabia if its not the best. All Studies are in English Language and when I moved to USA, it was very easy to transfer all the credits without any issue

Its free of charge and at my time, they used to provide monthly support to each student whatever is Saudi or non Saudi

Accommodation is free too

If you are non Saudi you might apply for a scholarship

In general, all universities in Saudi Arabia are free of charge.

Good Luck

I am a faculty at alfaisal and I consider it quite decent as compared to the region. Happy to help any if need be



I am graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) in 2017. It is best university in the Arab region and in 173 in world ranking. KFUPM ranked fifth among universities worldwide in 2018 in terms of the number of patents. Best faculty, research environment and living standard.  I got MS full funded scholarship from KFUPM and studied Applied Statistics. KFUPM is an engineering and applied sciences university. They welcome students all over the world. They offered scholarship for MS and PhD programs twice in years (Spring and Fall semesters). For further information visit the following link. … ines.aspx.

In general, private universities are extremely expensive and government universities do not prefer non Saudis at undergraduate level.

Dear Priscilla,

The questions you listed in your post, How do one get the answers? This is to enable me castigate the information to our wards who are interested in school abroad such we can recommend Saudi Arabian universities to them.


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Interesting feedback. Government Universities are for Saudis only. Private Universities are open enrollment.
For ladies I love Dar Al Hickma students turn out ready for workforce. KAUST is perfect for Masters programs if you can get in it’s amazing!
Medical schools in kingdom support undergrad studies but I see they must study medical outside Kingdom for Masters and to be really well prepared and schooled for workforce expectations. It’s fine for things like PT and fluffy non surgical “cosmetic Surgery”

I agree with you as well in the teaching sector also they dont prefer non saudi. My Son is Post Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication and Having Six Years of teaching experience in Engineering College in Hyderabad, India.

He applied here in many universities for the post of Lecturer, they said must have P.hd. 

Anyway education standards must be approve when you provide a chance to serve other non saudis too.

All the Best,

Mohammed Ali Jaweed,
Umm Lajj., Saudia.

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