Alternative to proof of income in Family Reunification Visa

My partner just finished studying and she's still looking for work. I have enough money to support us and her parents are also willingly to help us out.

Can her parents be the sponsors through a Bijlage/Annexe 3bis?

Thank you!

Annexe 3bis is only available to permanent residents of Belgium, with sufficient outcomes per month.
(only permanent resident : Belgian, B, C, D,  E,  E+,  F,  F+ card,  annexe 8 or 8bis)
So it depends where her parents are living... I guess they're in Mexico?

I guess the best solution to support their daughter is to put "enough" money on her bank account, before you apply to the visa request + bank history + you do the annexe 3 bis if you're eligible/someone you know in Belgium and that trust you.
Parents can freely give money to their children, no need to hide it in the bank history. She should just explain the reason why she has received that money in her cover letter (her parents will help her, to allow her to succeed in Europe, they love you both and want you to be happy, so they'll help, ...)
You might also add a paper signed + legalized + translated from their parents that explain they'll help their daughter no matter what. + proof her parents has enough money/outcome.

Through that paper would have no legal value, the immigration office might still pretty like to see she has support from her family, if they have money....
That's something to add to her file...

Remember that annexe 3bis is a paper that also say: who's going to pay if your girlfriend/wife do something really bad (crimes, ...)/debts/ expulsion... This is a SERIOUS commitment, through her family and you would do, but maybe not one of your friend if you're not eligible.

For a family reunion, you either need one "accepted" annexe 3bis by the immigration or proof she has enough money to handle herself.
BUT, no matter what, remember to show as much money as possible, even with an annexe 3bis :top:

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