Apply for renewal of Mauritian ID Docs From the UK

Hi there

Does anyone have any experience of applying for an adult Mauritian passport and MINIC/ID card whilst living in the UK?

There is a high commission/consulate website but it’s pretty useless if you are looking for info on how to apply abroad rather than in person in Mauritius and I’d like to know if it’s possible to renew my ID documents at the Mauritian Embassy in the UK?

I’m Mauritian by descent and have the list of documents and Mauritian websites already, I just need to know if anyone has been able to renew at the embassy in London successfully and how exactly to start this procedure?

Any help greatfully received!

Thanks 🙂


Last time I was around in London (7 years ago), it was possible through the Embassy. But I found out, it's a rather lengthy process. In the end, I decided to do it in Mauritius, when I was on the island during the holidays.


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