Retire in Dominica Republic

hi planing to retire in DR am Canadian
i need to rent and will cook at home buying local
which one you suggest ? are this prices are accurate??

las Terrenas 2181.53 CAD/Mth

Samana   1309.74   CAD/Mth include all

I am not sure what the actual  question is or what it covers.

So please clarify.  What do those sums of money mean?  Rent plus expense per month????

I should be more clear sorry
Las Terrenas:

Expense      U.S. $
Rent (two-bedroom apartment)     $600
Electricity     $100
Gas & Water     $50
Cell Phones (x2)     $40
Groceries & Household Items     $300
Mercado     $40
Insurance     $100
Internet     $50
Streaming Media Accounts     $45
Property Tax     $22
Dining Out     $200
Taxis, Buses     $30
Monthly total:     $1,577

and same expense for Samana   1309.74   CAD/Mth include all

are this places in the  North Shore.?

I believe you could live a decent life with that USD sum mentioned in Las Terrenas. Not convinced there will be much difference with Samana.

Maybe groceries will cost more but a long term modest rental is possible for USD 600. Insurance presumably means medical insurance?

When I lived there, a few years back, I bought a lot of my groceries from the street vendors and the price of fruit and vegetables this way is no different to the rest of the country. But the very best price was from the Haitian lady who wheeled a fully fruit and veg. laden wheelbarrow along the Las Ballenas beach road every day. There are quite a few local supermarkets/colmados there too and their prices are lower than Super Pola and Lindo. You can find your 2/3 litre bottles of cold beer at prices less than 1/3 litre bottle costs in other resort towns. Find a good rented property and now that the electricity cost is lower, you will find Las Terrenas can be a cheap place to live too. And further in town you will find inexpensive eating out.

Buying a motorbike or scooter might be a good investment for mobility longer term and you will not be alone on the LT streets with other retirees on two wheels. You can buy such two wheeled vehicles for not much more than USD1250. Quads which are widely used in LT cost more.

dining out 10, 000 pesos? how often are you ''dining out'', and upon what are you dining?

seems a little extravagant for someone who is fine tuning a budget, but it is your money.

Your budgets appear to be fine.

Thk you so much for ur reply

do any one have a contact to rent a monthly apartment ?

I did not put this # 10.000 Pesos
i found it on line on  International I dont know a lot about DR that why am here lol
but I really appreciate your comment and your help because i dont go so often to Resto
am trying to find some place to rent  in
Costambar, Puerto Plata and areas ,Las Terrenas ,  Samana  as I been suggested in this forum
Thank you all

US 200 is equal to  10,000 RD honey.  That is what he is referring to in your budget. 

Costambar I know of one apt near the ocean,  one bedroom, includes furniture, air conditioner, cable tv,  internet for US 325 a month.   Does not include electricity.  Its 2 blocks from the ocean,  restaurants and bars.

If you want his contact info I will Private message it to you.

You state you are considering retiring in the DR and it appears that you have identified that the Puerto Plata area and Las Terrenas may be of interest.

If you don't speak Spanish and your budget is fixed even limited, the Puerto Plata area, from Costumbar through to Cabarete including Sosua may be a good start. Las Terrenas is a bit further away from everything and more foreigners there speak French and Italian that English, and it has a more European feel. But there are quite a French Speaking Canadians there too and it is a nice destination.

The number one issue for you to think about, if it this is a long term retirement plan, is obtaining residency. A long term stay needs residency to be secure and you need to start reading the threads posted in this forum on obtaining temporary residency first and go from there. You should qualify as a retired person with sufficient pension income.

It is always recommended on this forum, that if you don't know this country and have a long term plan, then come and visit and see if it is what you want. And if it is right, go ahead and complete your planning and that should include starting the residency process which starts in your own country.

As for finding rental accommodation, the best deals will be found here with boots on the ground. hopefully someone will give you a lead for a first visit following your postings.

Good luck.

Yes pls thks

so staying in DR for 4- to 5 month is better to apply for resident.
is it good for how long one year? so after this year i need to re apply with same long process
if not what will be the cost to re new it?

It starts with 4 yrs temporary residency.... 4 one yr visas... renewed annually
Then you graduate to longer periods.

If you qualify for 'fast track' by proving your income ... you can move quicker

Read up on that option

We have a good lawyer here for you when/if you decide

Renewing is much simpler!

Will Cabrera will be ok with my budget too?

It should be -
but remember , it's not a tourist town. Not much nightlife .

Beaches are out of town.... not far, but not walking distances.
Very little English spoken

where do u  suggest to come and visit for the 1st time? somewhere in the north cost
if i need to find French or English speaking peoples ,
am trying to learn Spanish but it will take some time.

If you qualify for 'fast track' by proving your income ... you can move quicker

Curious what is meant by this option.
What are the conditions.

am looking for some beaches within a walking distance .
some of the night life even though am not a big fan of it but you know just to
have some variety in the town .
thank you

Stan - fast track is really more about charging higher fees for the same damn slow service.

Start in Sosua.  Book a hotel or air b n b.

I've read residency by investment (so called fast track), gets you straight to permanent residency from your residency visa rather than get and go through 5 years of temporary residency with 4 renewals.  My understanding from what I have read is that you renew your first permanent residency after one year with the residency by investment route then go to the 4 year cycle, and persons who commit their retirement income here are one of the groups eligible.

If so surely that surely it is worth investigating even with initial higher fees?

It certainly seems an option many should consider and it appears a lawyer would be helpful.

Plenty of information on it, if you google.

You have the right idea.... that is what I meant by 'Fast Track'

it's a shorter journey... less renewals and legal fees

I misunderstood the question. Yes this is worth the additional fees!!!  Skipping those 1 year renewals is worth it!

I was referring to the VIP option, totally different. And not worth it.

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