Returning Citizen to Mauritius

Hi - I have 2 questions regarding a Mauritius citizen return to Mauritius to live permanently:-

1.  Do you have to notify any authorities that you are now residing in Mauritius?  If so who and how is this done?
2.  As a returning citizen you are entitled to buy a car at a reduced cost due to reduction of import taxes - are there any formal procedures for this?

Many thanks

Hi there!
1. You do not have to notify the authorities since you are a Mauritian citizen. However, you might want to update your details with local banks/electoral commission/etc... Are you returning as a professional or a pensioner?

2. Have a look at this link - … r-vehicles

Hope this helps :)

Many thanks for this information I do appreciate it.  My husband is returning as a pensioner - is there a difference in the formalities between a returning professional or a pensioner?

Hi - there might be as regards the National Pension Fund etc.

If you have never worked in Mauritius as a Mauritian Citizen, you are eligible for the basic retirement pension. You should go to the nearest Social Security Office to your place of residence and bring along the originals and copies of the following documents: (i) Passport; (ii) National ID; (iii) Birth Certificate; (iv) Bank Account Details for registration. 

If you have worked in Mauritius as a Mauritian Citizen, you will also be eligible for the National Contributory Pension based on your years of work here. If that is that case, ask the officers that Social Security Office to check it on your behalf and have that pension transferred to the same account as for the basic retirement pension.

Hope this is helpful.

Many thanks

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