Can You Help Me Please?

Hello everyone.

My daughter is getting married in May this year and she is trying to get as many photos from around the world as possible with people holding up banners showing how much she loves her hubby to be.
Ill include and example photo taken in New York.
We are from the UK.

Can somebody help me get a photo from anywhere in the world?
It would be fantastic if you could and would make my daughters day!

It needs to say:
"Lee, Katie Loves You So Much It Reached (enter location here!)"
Or something similar.

Awwwww. Isn't that wonderful.  I'd love to help but my ex-wife got the camera in the well as the house, the car, and half my pension.  Wish you guys luck though. Toodles.  :top:

I'll do it tomorrow.  Where do I send it?

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