Single Parent Move Advice to DR please

Hi Everyone

I am a single parent looking to begin my new life in DR. I have worked on my career for 10 years and burnt out, so I've decided to sell everything I have anf complete my PhD thesis in the Caribbean with my 4 year old son.

I was a Tesol teacher in my 20s and ironically looking for a part time teaching job again, a small culturally diverse primary school for my boy and a simple home near the sea. I'm downsizing my life so I can finish my thesis. Then after, in a year I hope to lay some roots here.
I am looking for an area in DR that is safe, culturally mixed, English school to work in affordable rent and a beautiful beach!

Too much to ask ? ... Please help us reach our dreams. I plan on leave to DR before July 2019

ThQ for reading xxxx

Natasha, I am sure planner will respond but there have been quite a number of posts today.

I suspect it will be difficult for you to find an English school for work. There are not so many in beach resort areas to my knowledge but others may advise. I have been aware of some of the schools in Santo Domingo seeking expat staff in years past and know there are voluntary expat teaching staff in local schools throughout the country but they are fluent in Spanish too. Are you fluent in Spanish?

If you want to relocate here long term, you will likely need to find an employer to sponsor you for a work permit too.

Salaries for professionals in DR will appear low to expats and local taxation does kick in if the salary is in the decent range. You will need residency or a work permit for work.

My suggestion is you work out a plan mindful that finding a job will be a challenge and read the various threads here and try and identify suitable locations throughout DR that would meet your expectations. The list of places where there are anglophiles and tourists is not exhaustive: East Coast/Punta Cana/Bavaro, North Coast/Puerto Plata/Sosua/Cabarete through to Cabrera in the east and Luperon in the west, La Romana and Bayahibe, Juan Dolio, Las Terrenas and Samana Peninsula, Santo Domingo, Santiago (inland).

Thanks for this great advice and back to reality. One of the reasons I wanted to live there is so my son could be bi-linguisal. I am not fluent in Spanish. I feel that this could be a employment problem.

I also assumed it would be quite easy to get a work visa... Is it not ? Should I perhaps look at English Speaking Caribbean countries instead ? Do you know which country is the easiest to work / live and safe ?

Thanks so much

Persists and ask more regarding DR but try also St Croix, St Thomas or St John in USVI. Puerto Rico is worth a try too.

In the former British colonies the curriculum is a UK one so it would be challenging. The Bahamas and Dutch Antillies might be a possibilities, the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao with St Martin, Saba and Statia where English is spoken widely. has forums for all Caribbean islands but not widely used.

Natasha, did you check the jobs adverts in this forum?

There is an advert 3 weeks old for part time English teachers in Bavaro (Punta Cana)!

English teachers - part time in Bavaro
English teachers - part time in Bavaro
Language, ESL, English teacher jobs  Bávaro, La Altagracia
We are hiring English teachers for conversation classes in our Bavaro classrooms. It is a part-time job for ...
3 weeks ago

Wow!  Thanks it's a start ! There are actually a lot of English Language schools in DR. I will email them all tomorrow. I've kind of got my heart set on DR because it's cheap, safe (er) authentic than some other Islands.

Thanks so much x

Good morning. Thanks Lennox great info you shared.

Yes your first step is finding employment.  A work visa sponsorship is not easy but you can do it.  There are quite a number of schools who regularly look for staff. Start there!

In terminology safe place to live - it's more about how you live.  There are many possibilities.  On a moderate budget look at the north coast.

Hi Thanks for this great information.

Could I ask you two more questions please ?

1) Do you have to get sponsered - can I not buy a work visa once I have confirmation of a teaching job and organise before I arrive to DR.

2) I have read the North Coast has quite a high crime in regards to burglary / theft. We will be living very humbley. All my possession will be in England.

3) Do English language jobs seem in high demand and do you know the average rate of pay ?

Many Thanks

1. No you can't. It must be sponsored.

2. Not necessarily correct. Crime is a reality in life. Most crime here is either an inside job or a result of who you associate with.  It's very much about how you live. 

3. Most English jobs are in service related tourism and call centers. Tourism is low paying unless you are in sales.  Call centers - 500 to 600 us Almonte plus commission or bonuses.

Work visas are not issued on these kinds of jobs.  Management,  teaching etc yes.  It is a time consuming process.

OK Thanks so much very useful!

You are very welcome honey.

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