Salary sacrifice scheme

Hello fellow expats and helpful Nederlanders.  I have four children who each attend an international school here in the Netherlands. I am an expat myself - having moved to North Holland in March of 2017.

I pay for my children's tuition myself; no employer assistance.

I have recently learned of the "salary sacrifice scheme", which pays my children's tuition directly from my gross salary, thus reducing my taxable income.  Ultimately my monthly net income would be greater than my current net - after tuition payments.

Problem is I can't quite figure out how to initiate the process of the scheme.  My employer deferred to a well know international specialist - who quoted me 5,000 EUR just to coordinate enrollment.  I will not be using this specialist.  Instead I would like to set everything up myself.

Questions for the forum:
1. Does anyone have any experience in setting up the salary sacrifice scheme?
2. How do I go about coordinating enrollment for the scheme?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I know nothing about it but have found this (link) that may help you.  It seems to be a payroll issue around the 30% tax ruling that some are entitled to.

As it's a tax-related issue, then the only people I can think of who can help you is the Belastingdienst themselves.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team