New members of the Turkey forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

thank you and for you too

i am new as well..... May God give us all the best.. İ am new to the site not istanbul btw :)

and you can speak English as well. I found a lot of Turkish people either don’t or avoid speaking English

Welcome miss Turkish

Hi everyone! Fatima here :)

I'm from Tunisia, currently a Film & media student, a pet sitter and a voice artist.

I've been living in Istanbul for almost 5 years and considered settling in here after graduation depending on how things go! ^_^

Best of luck Fatima!

Am a Nigerian. Just migrated to turkey some few weeks .Am residing in istanbul,sisli mecidiyekoy presently.Am a certified and experienced teacher.I need help from this forum to help me get English language teaching job.

i am Mechanical engineer(German Diplom and more than 10 years working experience in Germany).
I will moved to Turkey to search a job, for this reason i am looking for a room in istanbul.
Thank you for your Help

Best Regards

Am a teacher from Nigeria.just moved into turkey last month.Am searching for a teaching job here in Istanbul, precisely English language.


OK no problem.Contact me on WhatsApp so we keep in touch

give me your nummber please

Hello Everyone!

I'm Tityana an expat in Ankara from Jordan. I visited Turkey last year for the first time in my life (12 days in Ankara, 4 days in Istanbul), and as I have some relatives and cousins living in Ankara, I was encouraged to come back this year and try to find a job and settle in the city.

I'm English fluent and speak Arabic. Although some Turkish and expat friends encouraged me and told me with your languages and skills you shall find a job soon in Ankara, still no luck, and I've been here for almost 4 months! But having my fingers crossed  :rolleyes:

Any advice from anyone here?  :D and please don't say Istanbul has more jobs' opportunities for Expats  :) I didn't like it as much as I felt comfortable in Ankara.

I am a 20year old Ugandan girl looking for a job in Turkey. I have experience with children and home duties
My preference would be a live in job if I happen to get an opportunity for me to go to Turkey

Tityana! I’ve been in Istanbul for few weeks now and before I even landed mostly all people I knew said the job market isn’t that great in Turkey and so far what I’ve learnt is true.

You may keen trying as English speakers aren’t here much and hopefully you’ll succeed in landing a job soon.

For me, ain’t finding no job but have got myself busy trying to establish business in real estate sector.

Cheers have a nice one🙂


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Yes true! it's actually hard with the current global economic crisis to find a job anywhere, and everyone is complaining! But yes with the languages that I speak, there's still a chance to find a good job hence most Turks in Ankara don't speak English.

Thanks for your good wishes. All the best for you too in your new business.

I am Ahmad Sharifzadeh, from Tabriz, Iran and living in Istanbul, Turkey. I know three languages (English, Turkish & Azeri, Persian) very well. I am currently learning Arabic, German, and French.
I published three of my e-books by Amazon, and I taught a number of courses and workshops at different universities and institutes in Iran. Additionally, I worked as an aviation supply specialist for 6 years. I also worked as an editor and translator.
Currently, I look for a job as a proofreader/editor, aviation specialist, or translator in Turkey or Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, etc.


I am so happy to be in an expact group. I have been in istanbul for one year and half. I  am trying to establish my life here as learning a new carrer and other needful things for life.


Merhaba! newbie here my name is Marilou. thankful that i found this group.😊

Hello everyone,,
I'm a Palestinian living in Nevşehir/ Cappadocia in Turkey.. I was a medical student, I have been completed 4 years from Bachelor degree in Medicine,,
I worked in many different fields: Receptionist, Garson, Operation manager, Executive assistant, İnternational patient relations specialist, Translator... I'm looking to move to Istanbul to complete my study and for working...

Warm welcome Istanbul we are putting up two projects here one in medical and second export office


I am working as Manage Logistics in Karachi and now planning to visit Turkey in December and want to be a part of Turkish culture.
I already explored different countries of Europe , Asia and USA and now move to Turkey.
I hope we can meet  in Turkey and make a friends group.

Hello everyone, so glad to find this path and introduce myself. And would love to make friends, especially Indonesian

I am Laila from Indonesia, moved to Istanbul since last month to unite with my family. Currently not working, first enjoying, and understanding how are life and culture here.
Before I was manager at one of biggest retail company concerned about operational support and corporate training.

Love to meet new friends and build good friendship or collaboration. Eagerly to meet Indonesian, share and/ or invent something new, or even have great time over coffee. Still it is nice, also best friend started from strangers.

Have a great time, always keep smile 😉

Hello i wish to move on to turkey and live there but i have to find a job first and an appartement.

I  can help  you find a good apartment.

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Thanks ; my name is Zebra I am  a metallurgical engineer from Zimbabwe. Glad to be here.


I am planning to live in Izmir for 2 months, with start in januari 2020.
I´m new here, and maybe I would like to live there longer, so then I will
need to get a job. Maybe anyone know anything...?....Just get back to me :)
We also look for a apartment to rent in Izmir, not too if you know anything...just get back to me :)
Anyway it would be nice to get new friends in the area, even though I am stayinng with my boyfriend there.

Hello ,
         I'm so happy to part of this group.
         I live in USA planning to live in Turkey (Anamur or Alanya) after retirement , I'm trying collect more information about that region.

    Best regards.

Sorry for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Mustafah.  I'm an American ESL teacher living abroad.   I am researching about Turkey because I plan immigrate there.

Welcome kardes; where in Turkey do you plan to go to?

hi, my name is youssef, i'm from tunisia. i've joined this community in an attempt to travel to turkey.

i didn't consider it before, but i met someone special from turkey, that i'm willing to do anything to be with. i've been saving and attempting to travel to turkey for 6 months now.

i'm an IT Technician, i do repairs to computers and phones, and sometimes to other electronics (video game consols, tv recievers...) i'm really experienced in this domain. i've been practicing for 8 years now, but i graduated and got my diploma in 2018.

it'll be nice to meet more friends here. i'm interested in turkish culture since it's related to my culture. tunisia and turkey are related to each other in many things.

thank you
my plans in turkey in future office assistant job

I am new too - was living in Turkey for a few years and now back in New Zealand.


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