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Hi all,

Newbie on the Tunisia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tunisia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


Im Zaahir and im from Mauritius and im planning to come and live in Tunis hopefully this year.

hello :)
my name is wassim and im from tunisia
Specifically in Mahdia and is a tourist country overlooking the sea and is quiet
Mr zaahir , your welcom
Where do you want to live in Tunisia?
nice to meet you  :top:

Hello I am Ron and at the moment I am teaching English in Latvia. I have the possibility of the offer of a teaching post in Sousse and I wonder if Tunisia is safe to live in. Also my French is poor but passable for some things. I am also curious about the amount required as a security deposit on an apartment.

Mr Ron
What do you want me to help you?

Safe to live here? Very. Sousse has many expats.
Deposit on apartment? Nominal, usually one month's rent, sometimes with damage deposit, most often not.
Tunisia is a nice country to live in. The people are welcoming and friendly. I love it here.

Hi, hope you are doing great there......

please share your experiences on job hunting......... I have a visa free access for less than 3months and you think would be sufficient to get a survival job......

thanks in advance..... hope soon to see you in Tuni......

Hi all,

My name is Salah, and I'll be travelling to Tunisia this Wednesday. I googled what places to visit, but could anyone please tell me which place to avoid? I'm grateful for your answers


I would avoid the following areas...

* Borders with Algeria and Libya and keep a safe distance from them
* Mountainous areas that tend to be on the western border with Algeria
* Areas where tourists gather e.g. tourist hotels. Stay mainly amongst the local population
* Guided tours frequented by tourists

That being written, I find Tunisia to be very safe in general.

That's very helpful. Thank you

Lived in Atlanta vicinity and many other GA towns for 20 years....-and coming to Tunisia May ONE-hoping
to stay at least a year...

loved seeing your post-and from Atlanta-


Remaining here longer than 4 months, if you are an American citizen, is not a problem if you apply for a Carte de Jour that allows for stays of 1 year and then annual renewals. Like most countries, Tunisia wants to make sure you have adequate financial resources to take care of yourself. To that end, you will first need to open a foreign currency account with a local bank such as BIAT and show deposits equal to, or greater than, $800 usd over a 90 day period. There are a few details to accomplish this too lengthy to write here. Just send me a private message and I can advise regarding the process.

Good luck, Gary

Hello everyone!

My name is Kimberly, I am a humanitarian worker from USA and a graduate student. I just received an internship offer with the United Nations Development Programme in Tunis and am excited to accept. Unfortunately, UN internships are unpaid so I am currently negotiating to work part-time so I can seek a part-time teaching job to pay my expenses. I would love to connect with others living in the area and also learn about potential part-time English teaching jobs. I'm sure I will have many other questions soon, but these are my top priorities. Thank you in advance for your advice!


Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this safety information, it seems consistent with what British and US embassies are making available. However, the US State Dept. has listed the entire country of Tunisia under the category of "increased caution and higher risk area". I see that the borders are generally to be avoided but what of Tunis itself? I'm really excited about my internship opportunity with the United Nations Development Programme, but I have heard mixed advice regarding how concerned I should be about safety.

I would love to hear from more women on this topic. Thank you so much for your time!


I don't know about living in Tunis, as I've always lived in smaller towns in the far south and on the coast. But my experience is that you have nothing to worry about safety-wise, provided you exercise the same caution you would anywhere, especially as a woman alone. I tend to travel quite a bit within Tunisia and have never encountered a dangerous situation, or even an unpleasant one, in which my safety was threatened. The advice posted by glpike 1 seems reasonable and informed. For example, I tend not to go driving to places like Le Kef or Kasserine these days, for the reasons he cites. Finally, I do feel much safer here than I do in the UK or US, or even in France.. where I was robbed! Hope this helps.

Hello my name is sandy I have been going on holidays to Tunisia now for 15 years , I have now decided I would love to live there as I feel so at home with the country .I would like to find out how I can do this .

Can you tell me if I have any chance of finding work

Hi Sandy,

Please see my post dated April 4th re: residency. What I omitted was to start the process, you will need to be here as I don't believe you can get residency at an embassy. Go to the nearest police station and ask where your local Foreign Office is located that handles immigration sometimes at a different station. There is usually one in each major city. There's a form to be completed along with 5 photos, an apartment lease having your Tunisian address that the owner needs to have officiated, an application fee paid to the local tax office and a bank letter showing deposits into a Tunisian bank. I opened a foreign currency account (U.S. $) at BIAT as I could not get a local currency account without a residence card (chicken or egg). The goverment wants to see 3 months of deposits which means you should open the account as soon as you get here. You then need the bank to provide a letter indicating your deposits.

Hope this helps.

Hi, many thanks for this I need to have a certain amount in the bank to stay .

I was told $800 usd (or equivalent) minimum  per month that can be used. I believe they want to see an in/out flow and a remaining balance. My balance was about $996 when the letter was written.

French married to a French-Tunisian, we decided to go settle in Tunisia (to Carthage) to develop our box to develop applications.  :)

My name is Amin.  My wife is Tunisian and we plan on moving to Tunisia this coming week.  We have been looking for a flat, however all of the places on here seems to try and take advantage of expats, who know no better.
Where can one search for flats at reasonable prices?

Hello to you all, I don't know really what to say other than I have been holidaying in Tunisia for 15 years now , and each time I leave it breaks my heart .so for a long time I have wanted to move there has not really been kind to me of late , so I now feel it's time for me to have some me time and wish is to move there . But I would need to work at the moment ...I am a head housekeeper off a 106 bed nursing home so I know hard work ...please can anyone help and advise me
Many thanks

I am looking to move to Tunisia soon (Tunis/Sousse area).  I know work is hard to find in Tunisia for expats.  I have plenty of management, call center, and retail experience.  What are the options for getting hired and does anyone know of anybody hiring that would take an english speaking Expat?


Work is somewhat difficult to find for foreigner's in Tunisia as the government priority is to employee citizens.  Potential employers must attest that they have tried, but failed to find a Tunisian to fill a position and must hire a foreigner. I'm guessing that some employers have gotten around this issue, but I don't know how.

That being written, have you thought of doing something internet based such as Tutoring as I don't believe that's regulated?

Hello Julian! I have just got married and am currently relocated to sfax for a while. I have left my old job and really want to work while am here. If you could help with any advice thank you.

Hey all,  am Chelsea, currently living in Tunisia-Sfax with my husband. Looking for a English teaching job as a fluent English speaker. Or any other job at that? Just English teaching would be preferable.

If anyone can give advice. Please Help and my email is ***

Thanks in advance 😀

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Hi Ron
Berlitz Tunisia is seeking English Native Speakers for its centers  . Let me know if you are Interested . Tunisia is safe don't worry :)

Hi sandy
Where are you from ? Berlitz is seeking english native speakers

Hello Amin, i can  help you to find an apartment if you still want ??

Is this where I introduce myself? Hello I’m Hongkong from Baltimore. I am in sousse and beginning a process of settling in, for now I am sick in a hotel. I have a couple local friends and hopped around a bit this month and am really impressed by sousse. I am in the Medina temporarily which is a quaint experience. I will be setting up a foreign currency account and renting a flat soon. By trade I am a Latin tutor and like it seems many expatriates, would love to work in education here. I have no ambition currently for further degrees. I also have a distant background in architecture. If you have any ideas. I am also a muralist, though my portfolio is out of date. I am here with a mind to become fluent in French and Arabic... I am on the low end of the retirement scale, but am young and need to fill my slothful time.

I would love to share a meal out or at home with any expats, new or old. I am single but not looking. I work laboriously not to drink or smoke, but appreciate that sort of social environment.


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