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means i am a slower walker? or probably am not so fit physically


I'm Upeksha from Sri Lanka. I'm 22 and gonna live in Thailand for next 3 years to pursue my PhD. Would love to know new friends, and look forward to find part-time online work.

I’m 22 years old, I’m Thai, and I’m a third year Industrial Design Student at KMUTT.  I’m looking for a part time sitter job.
I am great with kids, I have experience babysitting and teaching English to children ages 5-12. I was also an au pair for 3 months in Madrid to 2 lovely girls who were 5 and 7. I was also a teaching assistant at the childrens language school at Central Bangna. I have tutored kids grades 3 and 4, helped them with homework and teaches them subjects from school.
If youre looking for an experienced, fun babysitter to watch your kids while you’re away  for a date night or someone to stay with your kids after school til you come home and help them with homework or find food, look no further, Im your girl! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi there Julian.

I have been working and living In Thailand teaching English as a foreign language, also rescue diving.
I much preferred my teaching but I’m now in the Uk looking to get back into work again in Thailand if possible preferably in a sales role, I can speak Thai and know my way around the country very well.
Unfortunately I don’t have a degree at the moment.

Deano200577 :

I can speak Thai and know my way around the country very well.

Apparently ^ not! :cool:

Hi there,
I'm 56, Ph.D. from Cornell University, USA, and currently head of the French department at a high school in Cape Town. I am also a certified French to English translator.
I have visited Chiang Mai and absolutely love it. I would want to find a job there with my qualifications and experience.
If you know of where ads are posted, please let me know!

Hello Everyone,

I reside in Phrae province and currently developing our land to build our home. Been coming to Thailand for almost 11 years now and married to Thai lady for 10 years. I am retired now and moved to Hawaii for a couple of years and finally settling down in Phrae, Thailand.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ray. I am 59 year old male. I am looking forward to retiring and living in Thailand next year. I am currently in California, USA. I visited Chiang Mai few years ago and absolutely love that place. I have been to Bangkok and Phuket as well in the past but I am better suited for a place like Chiang Mai.

Looking forward to meeting new friends.

Good luck with the build. We have several houses to build just about 1 hour away from you on road 11 near Ban Pa. My BF actually just finished the design and now he'd doing the infrastructure.

He has had problems finding some materials and I have to help but the staff in building supplier are not very smart We had one big company send us a quote for drywall and we were looking for q-con blocks :0)

You have a lot to look forward too

Hello every1...

I'm Edwin from Indonesia
I've been living at Bangkok since july 2019 (it's been 1 month now)

I can speak bahasa indonesia (native), english and french (certified DELF B1)
And I'm looking to find an part-time job as a language tutor, in Bangkok area



Hello Everyone

I currently live in West Texas and planning to move to Bangkok in 2020.  I'm a strategy consultant and will be working and exploring the culture. I would love to start meeting people and developing contacts before I leave. Looking for a good area to live in so all recommendation are welcome. Namaste

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Hi guys, I am Leon from South Africa.

After a few trips to Thailand I decided to "take the plunge" and start exploring the opportunity to relocate to Koh Samui. I left the corporate world 2 years ago and am now the managing director of my own cleaning/hygiene business.
I come with a food background where I studied to be a chef and confectionery/baking. This is still a passion and I would like to pursue the opportunity of owning/running a food it a small coffee shop/restaurant/bar.

Right now I would appreciate ANY advise!

Hi all

I was told by email to introduce myself in the Vietnam Forum, although I registered at because I am looking for information about Thailand.

Unfortunately there is always an error message in the Thailand Forum when I want to post something.

I've been living in Southeast Asia for a few years now. I used to commute between my home country and Thailand and now I have been living in Vietnam for 2 years.
I now want to commute between Vietnam and Thailand and look for information about buying a condominium in Bangkok.

But like I said, I can't post in the Thailand Forum.

Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

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Hey guys!
Kris here (26y).   
Always open to meet new people. I am gonna stay for some time here around Pratamnak.  So if you feel like hanging around sometimes, just let me know!


Great to be here. I live outside of Bangkok with my Thai wife of 20 years plus and our boys { 2 dogs}, Snoop Snoop and Boo Boo. We are a very active and like to explore, try, taste, see and be aprt of everything in the country where we live. We are also very interested and keen followersw of football (Bristol Rovers) and ice hockey{New Jersey Devils) and many other sports.

We love cooking and playing music and playing with our 2 boys who we take everywhere we can.

WE have had a home in Thailand many years now but only moved here full time 2 years ago.

Hello everyone,

I am Marion, 27yo French, currently working in Switzerland in a humanitarian organisation.
After 3 trips this year to Thailand, I am planning to move in Chiang Mai at the beginning of next year for an unknown amount of time...

I'd love to get a job in a local NGO (humanitarian/development/human rights...) and also to follow a yoga teacher training course.

I am very excited (and scared) about this big life change!


What’s good! I’m bader 25 from kuwait, I just got to pattaya for Muay Thai, I wanna make some new friends, i was thinking of making a like a group where we can meet for either a get together or a party whatever really, hit me up, everybody & every age is welcome!

My name is Mr B. I just recently moved to Thailand 1 week ago. I have been traveling throughout Southeast Asia since 9.1.19. Ive visited Singapore Malaysia Vietnam Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. I see you have a steady monthly income. Thats great all i can say is, please do not try to live a western style life over here as you will go broke. Also realize that prices continually go up every year and you might be charged more for something because your a foreigner. Please do your detailed research about foreigners & Thailand and cost of living through the years. Compare it to other s.e.a nations. Happy trails

Dear All,

I am an experienced IT Project Management professional and looking forward to exploring myself further in Thailand. I have global FMCG experience along with core IT and would like to showcase myself further in this region. Please let me know if you would like to touch base further and I will share my resume & cover letter along with some elevator speech.


hi everyone
This is Nataran. I am from Iran. I recently got married and moved to Thailand - Pluak Daeng to live with my husband. He works here. we are going to live in thailand for min 5 years. I am also looking for a job around here. I have 10 years of experience in Sales Management and Sales and production Planning. I would appreciate if u let e know in case of any opportunity.


Hi I have accepted a job today (pending on references) in Saphan Soong, Bangkok. I am moving with family (husband and 2 children aged 2 and 6). I am keen on us socialising and making friends. Can anyone suggest ways that we can do this?

Hi I'm Paul

I am living in Chaiyaphum in Thailand and have been happily so for the last 5 years. Have invested in a condo in Bangkok.

I am in my 70s, single male and looking for friends who enjoy football my team is the gunners.

Hi paul
Can you help me find a job please?

Hi All,

My name is Jean-Paul and currently living in Australia. Things are a but quiet for me here and am looking to try live/work somewhere different for a while and I'm considering coming to Thailand.

I'm an I.T Business/Systems Analyst with a programming background.  I love the outdoors as well as movies and music, also practice martial arts... although been slack for a few months now.

If anybody has any pointers on where to start looking for work opportunities please let me know.. Ideally would like to have something prior to moving.

Many Thanks

Hi all,

Aussie girl looking for advice on finding work in the land of smiles. Just wondering what peoples approach was at finding work over there?

My Husband and I are moving mid 2020 and I am in search for a job. We are not too fussy as to where we end up over there as long as the beach is under a 2 hour scooter ride. So a job anywhere would be perfect.
We have spent much time between us in Thailand and would like to call it our home.

Any help is awesome, Work history:

12.5 years in ICT Support, Management and Project Coordination in Service Delivery.
I also hold a diploma in Enrolled Nursing and have completed my Teaching English Course.

Hi Everyone,
This is Sulav here. I am from Nepal and considering moving into Bangkok.

I am accomplished IT Professional with 13+ years of consistent record of achievement in areas of Management, Solution Delivery, Corporate Sales, Customer Service, Client Relationship Management in multinationals across the globe. Seeking a challenging opportunity in Thailand.


Hi Stacey
Welcome to the land of smile, what a brilliant way to start this decade.  :cool:
If you don't have a job waiting for you already, you will probably end up teaching in a school, which is awesome. You mentioned that you have completed a Teaching English Course, that would be perfect.

You can choose any place (I'm sensing it's gonna be an island) and look for a school there.
As a teacher, you'll have plenty of holidays to travel around and enjoy this paradise.

A good place to look around would be (Ajarn means teacher in Thai).

Drop me a line if you need more info.  :cheers:

Hi beautiful people, my name is Rambo and I've been living in Thailand for 20 years now, and LOVE every minute of it. Would love to make some new connections with interesting people from all over the world.  :D
I'm a teacher and a life coach with a background in engineering, but it doesn't matter because we are all humans who want to live life like we mean it.
So let's connect and make 2020 the BEST YEAR ever  :top:

Hi Rambo

Thank you for your message.
You are correct I have completed my TESOL Certification and will be looking at teaching in Thailand.
My husband and I are quite flexible in the location we end up in. We would prefer to be close to the water, but happy to travel on weekends to find this.

I would love to hear move about the process of getting into teaching in Thailand. I do not have prior experience in teaching. However I do have 14 years’ experience working for the Australian Government.

Hi Stacey
For most schools, no experience is needed.
International schools have higher standards and except only native speakers, preferably with some credentials.  You may be qualified already.

Most public schools are happy if you can speak some English and you look foreign...
The education system requests a teacher license, but you will get 2 years permit to work without one, so no worries.

To start the process, go to, where you can find plenty of jobs sorted by location and/or salary.

As a water lover, you will find the south irresistible.

When you do contact a school, make sure they arrange the visa and work permit process for you. It could be a serious pain otherwise.

The next school year starts in May 2020. Most schools start to look for teachers around March. (The school year ends in February).

Hope it helps  :cool:

Hey Jean-Paul

It is hard to find a job in your profession, mostly due to laws and paperwork. I was an engineer but that's long gone...
If you don't have a job waiting for you already, you will probably end up teaching in a school, which is awesome. Plenty of holidays and fantastic experience.

Hope it helps
Drop me a line if you need more info

HI All

New to this forum, but not to Thailand.  Ex military and civilian pilot, business man, now semi retired in Rayong District.  Married to my Thai wife of 22 years,  Three grown up kids. Living with one cat and 2 dogs and of course my wife.  Looking for a more balanced, informative and friendly forum than others I have known and got tired of. Glad to be here.



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