New members of the Tanzania forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Tanzania forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tanzania if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

my name is LYDICK CHEYO, I  am living in Dar es salaam -Tanzania, I have understanding on different parts of Tanzania, I am work with NGO  known as PALLIATIVE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CARE ORGANISATION (PECO) ,I Accountant by professional with bachelor degree. I have been working with different NGO and Companies for 5 years ago up to date.

Bonjour CHEYO,

Merci pour votre réponse.
Avez vous trouvé votre travail à partir de votre pays d'origine ou sur place?
Vivez-vous dans une communauté d'expatriés ou parmi les tanzaniens?
Le coût de la vie est-il vraiment exorbitant?
Bonne journée

@Youlli > Please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand. Thank you

Myself Farhan from India...currently in Kenya since 2017 but will move to Zanzibar in a month or two...i am a civil engineer and working for a reputed firm here in Kenya...connect with me if u r in Zanzibar ***

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I am currently living in California, USA, looking to move to Zanzibar.
I lived in South Africa for 30 years, US for 20. On a recent visit to Zanzibar, I started looking into options to work and possibly retire there. Buying or renting a small hotel would be prefereable, although I am also researching jobs in healthcare as I am a registered nurse.
The practicalities of visas, moving costs and cost of living is of great interest to me, if anyone has any links it would be greatly appreciated!

Maggi Rodger

Welcome to the forum mrodger1  :)

Whilst waiting for replies please check out the Tanzania Guide located under Discover at the top of this page.

Karibu Tanzania
Well you can search TripAdvisor and you will get a lot of information and I think it won’t be hard for you if you happen to get a job in Zanzibar
I think buying a  hotel in Zanzibar might be easy and cheap
I am from Dar Es salaam

Hi everyone my name is ryk and i am from south africa i am stationed in morogoro in the poultry industry i am in my first month of a two year contract i am single and would like to meet other expats in morogoro

Hi I am Melody.
My husband and I are Canadians and worked in Mbeya 1969-1972 . We are returning next summer 2020 with the whole family to show our son and his family, where they were born. I am an academic librarian and my husband is a retired corporate trainer. I joined the forum to understand how things have changed and prepare to figure out how to get a car(s) and travel about Tanzania and rent a home in Dar and another in Mbeya.

Hi All
I am from Tanzania, please to e meet you all. Working as a consultant in the Renewable sector for customer and Asset Management. I also have my own business in the fashion and arts industry. I am here to network ***

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Hello Tanzania.
Anyone with futuristic vision about large scale commercial FISH FARMING? It now a time that Tanzania wakes up and participate in what other citizens of the world are doing. We have been dormant too long now and the wake up call is ringing, lets listen.

Hello all,
Am Ben from Ghana, an international market developer for Longrich International Ltd. Am currently in Dar es salaam.

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Welcome Ben feel at home

Thanks ms_jnathan

I'm Kibwana born and raised in Tanzania.I live in Dar i would be happy to help and maybe meet with new people around my city.Dont hesitate anytime drop me a line.

A lot has changed now from 1969-72 that's longtime ago i wasn't even born yet:) You are most welcome if you need to hire 4*4 Jeep for safari.I can connect you with a guy in Town.

The house depends which area you will be interested mostly.But a lot of houses are open to rent.

Karibu Sana Tanzanian.

Ben am in Dar we should hangout sometimes:)


Maggie i think you shouldn't worry too much about living costs and moving costs.Visa is not that complicated to acquire.Jobs are bit scarce but you can try on Job forum maybe.

It's very possible to rent a hotel or  buying depends on the budget you planed.You are most welcome:)

I am listening! Tell me more

Hi All

My name is Ruth
I'm Ethiopia born living in London
I'm organising myself to move to Zanzibar
I have a 5* Star Hotel work experience in London and trained Latter art Batista from Milan

I'm looking around in Stone town or Zanzibar aria  to find a small Coffee shop
Maybe to fond someone who has the same interest maybe we can open something in partnership

If not to fond a small coffee shop to rent by myself.

Please give me any information where to look or how etc

I'm also open to discuses if anyone has any other idea so we can share

Thank you

Hey good people!

I'm new here. This is Alex, and I am a native Tanzanian. I live in Arusha sometimes Dar es Salaam (inspired by my work as a photographer).

I am always open to meet & connect with new(international) people every day! And, I have helped a couple of foreigners to discover more of Tanzania and the lifestyles...


Nice to meet you Alex ,
I'm also I'm to a fashion business so to meet photographers based in Tanzania is a + for me
I organize fashionshows and also I'm International Designers & businesses casting director for one of the main New York City fashion week organize
Actually you can link me with Tanzanian fashion designers or businesses who are interested to show in NYC

Of course we charge for the service but

We can speak details  in private

Hi everyone!

I'm Brittany, I'm American and will be moving to Zanzibar in August. I  am moving from Beijing where I have been for 3 years. Previously, I worked in South Africa and New Zealand.

I'm very much looking foward to my move and hope to meet some of you!

Also, any advice on shipping some things over? Its not completely necessary but I'm considering shipping one box from Beijing to Zanzibar.


Hey there u didn't mention what kind of product welcome to Tanzania

Hi Man, how its going? I am looking for recommendation for touring in Tanzania. I from Toronto, CANADA, originally from India. Can you suggest some good safari tour operator?

Dianic -
Hi! Just some basic household items that would be nice to have on arrival.

Hi Wilfred.
Are you responding to me?

Hii my name is Diana Charles
Am from Tanzania At Dar es salama  I finish my study but I don't have job to do 
I want takee this opportunity to welcome all people from abroad to our country and if you don't have anyone to take care of you remember am here am ready to show you all the places in my country for the time being that you will be there as your private guide
  My hobbies is to meeting with new people,make new friend,and traveling different places
           Welcome all in my HOME COUNTRY TANZANIA 😍😍😘❤️💓❤️💓

Hi Alex , I would like to see some of your pictures , I might need some photos to shoot in Zamzibar , simple ones maybe I can do it with you
Myemail is ***

Please email me some of your works

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Sorry , I thought I was speaking with Alex the Photographer
As I'm looking for a photographer to do some shoots .

Sorry for the confusion

Hello Ruth, I've responded to your request. I was wondering if you checked your inbox/email?
Let me know if you get the mail. Thanks!

Thank you

I'll check it now and get back to you .


Hi! My name is Ali and Im working in Int. Development Agency. Im living in daresselam since march 2019. As an expat, I would like meet new people and discover beauty of Tanzania together. Im lover of wild life but dont have many experineces.

Hi all
Iam a Tanzanian living in mwanza,renting my 3 bed room house in mwanza at affordable price 2500$ per 12 months,The house got magnificient environment with living,dinning and kitchen. contact +255622800999.Thank you.

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