New members of the Sweden forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Sweden forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Sweden if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hey everyone,

The name's Plamen and I'm a Budoir photographer, looking for new interesting places to visit and amazing people to connect with. I've been thinking on visiting Sweden later this year and if the circumstances allow it - to keep coming back often.

I know friends and aquaintances who have lived and studied there and all of them have been super happy with everything Sweden has to offer, the people above all.

I'm also very eager to get properly introduced to the music scene there, as it's always been strong and healthy and I have lots of favourite musicians, who I hold near and dear to my heart, that originate from there.

Feel free to add me as a friend !

Hi everyone,
I am happy of your  warm welcome , and i would like to thank you very much on that   .
i am a jordanian DVM doctor working with the jordanian ministry of health, disease control directorate, infectious and communicable diseases, vaccines and immunization, i want to relocate to sweden as a first choice, norway and denmark, so first i am looking for a job vacancy in the same field .
Your prompt suggestion is highky appreciated, may the god bless you all
Thanks and best regards.

Hello Everyone in Sweden

Having visited Sweden on number of occasions over a period of time, made us totally fell in love with Sweden - it's people, their language, their serene style of living and off course the wonderful cold, colder, coldest weather that is the best of all!

My husband works for a Swedish multi-national company, based in at their SA Head Office. We both wish to relocate or emigrate to Sweden as soon as possible.

Both my husband and I do come with critical skills and wish to enquire through which recruitment agency I could start my search for a job opportunity within the disciplines of Psychology, Coaching, Counselling and Education.

You are most welcome to funnel my exploration; our ideal place of living could be for example around Solna, Sollentuna or close to Uppsala.

Right now I need to link up with a recruitment company that will also read between the lines of my academic and workplace offering - acknowledging a 360* of interests and professional competence that I bring to the workplace, especially with regards to Talent Management of Persons with Disabilities in the workplace.

Many thanks.

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This is Christine from Kenya, Accountant by profession looking for job opportunities in Sweden.
Thinking of joining a University for growth and academic development and working part time .
Any advice please.


Hello every one
We are Iranian family who lived in London for almost 20 years.we have Iranian  sitizenship as well as British.
We have plan,relocate to Sweeden...after some searches around dicided to be in Malmo.
I was taxi driver in London for all these years.
I like driving,but I don't mind other jobs that I can do...
Is there any one in here who can offer me or gide me to find a job in Malmo!?
Many Thanks

Hi Julien,

I am new in the City as well as on this Forum. Thanks for the start!

Hello Everyone in Sweden

Having visited Sweden in 2013, on an official visit made me totally  in love with Sweden - it's people, their serene style of living and off course the wonderful cold weather.

I have visited the small town of Ystad with a population of around 30,000. I have also visited a huge shopping mall in Malmo. We had dinner at a famous restaurant in Malmo and tried the famous Fundo.

I love to bring my family and hopefully settle down. Right now I need to link up with a recruitment company that will also peruse my academic record and experience. My professional competence that I bring to the workplace, especially with regards to Aviation environment.

Have a nice day everyone!

Hello Lucky23, emadjvet, carinnakrantz, Farhang111, Nidhi26 and paul john valle,

Welcome to the Sweden forum :)

Please read the Sweden guide under Discover section on the top of this page where you surely find something interesting for your own need.

If there is any specific information you need to know please feel free to start new threads, it's very easy to start new threads. Then we do our best to provide you with the information you are looking for.

Regarding jobs, accommodation or anything else you are looking for we encourage you to drop a free advert in the right section. 

Best regards

Hi Everyone  ! I'm glad to be in this forum !!

My name is Alpha Joy from Cebu City , Philippines working in BPO company as a Sales Telemarketer. I'm  very interested on how I can possibly  join my Swede boyfriend in Norrkoping, Sweden. The thing is I am previously married to a Filipino guy and got separated for 1 year and 6 months already. Now I'm happily in relationship with my bf for already 1 year. He used to visit me in every 3 months . Now that he got his new job it will be 6 months and might lead to a year before he can visit me again which is so hard fot the both of us. We were thinking what if I'll be the one to visit him, he will shoulder all the expenses and every thing that must be done as my Sponsor. 

In getting a Visitor's Visa or Tourist Visa as as Invited person , will the embassy grant me with this kind of Visa  even my marriage is not yet annulled or divorced ?
    Is there any one who can give some advice ?
    Is anyone  been in this this kind of situation ?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

I am Adebimpe, a Nigerian. I am a lawyer a public administrator, and aa international law researcher here in Nigeria. My boyfriend recently moved to Malmö and a lot of positive things have been said about the city. My dream of adding value to the academic society for growth and development can be achieved in well structured system such as Malmö's. Would love an initial visit, but would love to work with the university system.


Welcome to the forum :)

So tell us! Is there any information you want to know about Sweden? If yes then vi invite you to start a new thread.  :cheers:

My name is Anne and i came from Philippines I move to Stockholm 2 years ago and now i moved in to Gothenburg for new experience. I loved Sweden so much and Im always bless to be here. When I first step on here in Sweden I can't believe it myself  always thought that I would never be able to get  anywhere because i came from poor family . But i realize being poor is not a hindrance to not be able to reach your dream and your goal in life . I was a teacher in Thailand for 3 years and I found out that I can get to Europe as a student and I saved alot to get an agency and help me to become a aupair luckily I found  a very nice family in Stockholm to be my host .  Life in Sweden is a bit tricky but i like it here theres alot of benefits and they treat people good. Swedish are so reserve people but they are nice. They love fika here so much especially the cinnamon rolls or bulle i love it too!
I got a chance to study Swedish and its for free and thats so nice cause it doesnt cost anything here good for me ! im having hard time learning the language but ill try harder to learn it i pause for many months now but i will continue it here in Goteborg.
I wish i could be able to meet new friends here thats what im looking forward too i kinda having problem sociallising because im so introvert but ill work on it .
now im hoping i could be able to get a part time job i used to be working in a cleaning company before and babysitting and dogsitting while studying swedish .
Now im starting my new adventure here in Gothenburg. lycka till !!!

Hello Anne,

What an inspirational life story in brief! Welcome to the forum :)

You surely will find many friends here, in the meantime feel free to reply to other topics by sharing your experiences and knowledge with other members for instance in this topic

All the best!

Hello! I am an executive director of a Quaker peace nonprofit in the United States. I am also a licensed attorney. I am hoping to move to Sweden someday and have joined this site to help in my planning and job search while I work on my Swedish language skills here. I plan to make at least one or two trips over the next few years as part of my research and planning.

I am glad this site exists, thank you for the introduction thread, and look forward to everything I can learn (and maybe contribute) here someday.

Hello, welcome to the forum :)

Good to have a fellow member who is willing to contribute to the forum by sharing knowledge and experiences with other fellow members, really a way to go.

Other than Sweden forum you have many other forums you could share you knowledge and experiences for instance here or here

And if you have anything in your mind please feel free to start new threads to discuss it with us.  :cheers:

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Dear Anne,
My name is Laisa I am also originally from Cebu. I been here in Sweden for over 20 years. Nice to hear your testimony with great values. My intention to join her is to help people and to create a great expat communinity. I am always in Gothenburg since I am working is Maritime industry/ Legal.

You have good educarional background and you can apply as a teacher to any international school in Sweden. Continue to learn your SFI while your visa is still existing as Aupair. You can also use that opportunity to find better job while you are in Sweden. We have filipino community in Gothenburg.
By the way- I have company in Philippines we conduct training for OFW. Right now we have over 250 Filipino nurses working in Sweden as permanent contract. I am not an agency, I am only doing legal advices and also can endorse direct to any company depending on individual qualifications.

Feel free to email me. God bless you !

Best regards,

Am Bea.....Am kenyan and my fianceee is Swedish..
I applied for a residential permitt in july 2019...
Am still waiting for their response
Though am currently in sweden for 2months...
I hope they respond soon


I'm Gilly from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I was born, raised and am currently living in the capital city of Kingston. I have also lived in Bogota, Colombia for 9 years.

Thank you for letting me be part of this great online community.

I'm a translator, DJ and a music producer.

My Girlfriend is Swedish, we have an amazing relationship even thought it's LD we make it work. In April while i was on vacation in Stockholm and Karlstad visiting her and her family, we decided that we want to live together in Sweden. So, I started the process in April applying for the Sambo permit, had the interview at the end of September and now just patiently waiting on a decision from MIgrationSverket.

While I was in Sweden I saw what an amazing, beautiful country it is. The people are friendly and I felt very comfortable.

My girlfriend is coming down to Jamaica for the holidays and we're going to have an amazing time together with my family and friends. I hope we get some good news soon.

I am also looking from now for jobs in Stockholm so I can hit the ground running once I get there. If anyone can recommend something to me it would be of great help. I am a Translator (English/Spanish), I have experience in administrative positions, as well as HR and I also DJ.

Big up and nuff luv!

Hello Swedish residents! I´m here to discover what´s good in Sweden as a retiree. I´m a US military
retired living in Brazil and I would like to know more about your country. If you´re curious about Brazil
or the USA we can exchange information.

Please feel free to PM me as a contact or a friend! Thanks.


Tripple c :

Good day to everyone out there.
I'm here to share the experience that I have just discovered from here in Sweden.
I live by example and I also loves to be social to everyone.

Welcome to the forum. Are you a resident of Sweden or just a tourist for a few months?

Hello Dear
I am a Flight Attendant from 2011 ,i like my job and i perfer find the job that related to my experince but i am very active and clever ,can learn every thing very fast
I can cook cake i learn it because i like it
I learn chinses language because i have chinese passanger and i like help them onboard
I love live in sweden and work there because swedish people are cute and lovely and sweden is calm country

Sarahh86 :

Hello Dear
I am a Flight Attendant from 2011 ,i like my job and i perfer find the job that related to my experince but i am very active and clever ,can learn every thing very fast
I can cook cake i learn it because i like it
I learn chinses language because i have chinese passanger and i like help them onboard
I love live in sweden and work there because swedish people are cute and lovely and sweden is calm country

Good luck and welcome!


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