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Hi Everyone, I am considering moving to Singapore with my family. I am a UK trained Registered Nurse!

I'll read the other threads, thanks for the reply and encouragement!!

Hello Everyone, my name is Zain from Pakistan, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer from past 10 years and currently in process of moving to Singapore.

I have a few questions/concerns regarding the ePass which will share in a separate post.

Hope the members here can guide me through.

Have a great day!

Hi, I'm nesh kumar here from singapore.
Am a businessman looking forward to meet business opportunities and people.
Am single dad for few years now, I've seen the bad and good in life. So hope to meet new people and challenges. My contact number ***

Thank you

Best Regards

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If you want to immigrate to Singapore you must have job offer to recognise by employers that skills really needs to fit in SG, then you have to have minimum years of pass and PR step by step on going.  Living or immigrant to other countries are not what we like to stay . That is all base on criteria of others are rely on it.Life is so short, desire needs to find tune with reality that you make it

We know and we need a important information

Hello, I'm Emmaculate from Kenya.  I have a degree in statistics but currently working as an insurance underwriter. I really looking forward to getting a job and relocating to Singapore.

My  name  is Beant kaur i am studiying in singpore last year in 2018 .My husband also constraction worker in singapore  october 22/2018 i came in singapore in turist visa then 18Nov. i go malesiya when i again come back in woodland imigration chekpoint  never give me entry in sigapore my visa cna le then send me back in malesiya .then i come back india in i.then i apply appeal for my entry but not succesful . Plz i requset give me reentry in singapore.
Thank you
Beant kaur

Beant: You tried to renew your visitor visa by doing a visa-run to Malaysia. This of course does not work and the Singapore authorities penalize such attenpt strictly.
You should contact ICA and ask how long the ban on entry lasts and whether there is anything you can do to lift it. Do not try to enter Singapore without contacting ICA first, as this will worsen your situation.

Hi everyone, my name is shepty
I would like to find work in Singapore if possible. I graduated marketing management if it is easy or does not get a job there. 😁

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