New members of the Singapore forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Singapore forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Singapore if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi Everyone,

I am Sylvia, I come from the Netherlands. It has already been 3 months ago that my husband and I arrived in Singapore. We will be staying here for 2 years. We absolutely love Singapore! It's so clean, organized, safe and modern.  And we're looking forward to meeting great people here in Singapore! Music, eating out and shopping are our favorite activities. Hope to see you soon!

Hello everyone!

I am Joanna, coming from the United States.

And.... what do you do Joanna? Why did you come to this beautiful place and from where?

Hi Sylvia,

And why are you only here two years and why did you come? I am working with a company in the Netherlands called cBrain, have you heard of them? I also worked with ZenDesk, a fantastic company from the Netherlands....


Hi Tony,

Thanks for your post! I have a 2-year appointment at a university here.
Sorry, I haven't heard from these companies before. So, where do you come from? The Netherlands? And where are you working right now?


Hi Guys , my name is walter im from Zimbabwe. im really interested in working and staying in singapore

Hi Everyone,

I am Manju Banka.  I moved from Indonesia to Singapore two years ago.  I love it here and looking forward to meeting lots of new friends.

Hi Guys

Im Paul.  Have just moved here from Australia.  My wife proceeded me and I tagged along once I had completed my last assignment.  Loving Singapore, a little bored and looking for some work presently, having resigned from the Board and CFO position of a business i listed on the ASX, but i am certainly enjoying the lifestyle, the time i have to get in some exercise and to study again.

Anyway, that's a little about me....... :-)

Hi Paul, in Singapore what kind of sports and exercises that u do to keep yourself active

Hi everyone, welcome to Singapore. I am a local here, but would like to connect with people from everywhere to widen my network and experience :)


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Hello everyone,

I'm Chi from Taiwan. I'm going to start my new job in Singapore in May. Looking forward to it.

I am Marshal from Zimbabwe. I am a teacher by profession. I wish to live and work in Singapore. I have experienced working in hotels and vehicle marketing. I like meeting new people.

BaJean :

I am Marshal from Zimbabwe. I am a teacher by profession. I wish to live and work in Singapore. I have experienced working in hotels and vehicle marketing. I like meeting new people.

Hi Marshal,
If you want to work as teacher in Singapore, did you already check if your credentials are recognised by MoE?
And how does work experience in tourism and marketing help with being a teacher? You need to be focussed in order to find a job here!

I am Ann , I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids.
Enjoying singapore very well and lovinh everything. ***
Thank you!

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Hi, Im Junni... working here in Singapore for almost 8 years now. Glad to be here,

Hello Everybody,

I have a dear friend, a native Hungarian, living in Singapore, with her family. With joint efforts we would like to find her a person locally who would help her with English grammar, in her native language: Hungarian. I thought that joining your community would be a good idea to find the assistance we need.

Thank you in advance.

Libertango: Your friend is welcome to practise her English in this forum (but no Hungarian, sorry!).
She can also check for Hungarian forum members living in Singapore at the following link:
She should be aware, though, that sending multiple messages to others she doesn‘t know is seen as SPAM here. So she should not abuse the PM functionality.

Hello, thank you very much for your answer and the suggestion. Yes, agreed!

Hi everyone,

I'm Anthony. I moved from France to SG a few years back. Enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to share experiences here.

Hello, i'm meryam from Algeria. I have master degree in human nutrition and agrifood technologies, looking for a job in Singapore 🙂

Hi Everyone!! I am Rxoxie from Philipines,
Newbie here.. glad to be here I read and learned more about singapore.
I going to start my Job in Singapore next month MAY. 😊 Hope it will turn great have a good day

Hi all - I am Peter from Australia. Between 2004 & 2010, I worked throughout Asia - Indonesia, Singapore, China, as a performing Arts teacher. I am hoping to return soon with a recent job application coming up. Actually, I would like to stay for as long as possible, although I am sixty. Fingers crossed. I have a ton of questions, of course ha ha!

Am Peter Mugo from Nairobi Kenya. I'm coming to Singapore by the end of this year. I hope to meet most of you guys

Hello everyone! Im from Germany. Nice to be a part this community.

Hi Everyone, I am from India and have received a job offer from Singapore last week. My EP is in process and waiting to get it soon with fingers crossed. :)  Glad to be a part of this community.

Hi, I'm Marie in south Africa . i wanna move to Singapore to work . any idea on how to proceed with that. cause i know i can enter the country, but got issues with figuring how to obtain a legal stay and a job. i don't mind working it out a deal for the help

Iixrine: Please read the many discussions about these topics that are already present on this forum - a lot of good advice is available there about visa types and job search!

Hi all,
I'm Tshering from Bhutan. M interested to live and work in Singapore. I have heard a lot about Singapore. I sincerely working towards it.

Hie everyone
I am excited about this forum hope i will get some help and also help others. I am looking forward to move to Singapore. I am a Media practitioner graduate and i am a hard worker always enthusiastic to try news tasks willing to learn

Hi Buhlegaule, welcome to the forum!
Did you know that „Buleh“ is the Indonesian word for white guy? So I was a bit surprized when I saw your profile picture. But I guess it means something completely different in your language, right?
In any case, enjoy your time in Singapore!

Yess i have planning to go there
My name is bouaicha lafdil
26 years old
I'm from morocco
I have diploma of management entreprise
And i am really interest to go there and thank you

I search jobs in Singapore and I need some advices about how to search and how to contact companies Singaporeans and thanks for all .

Bouaicha: You have come to the right forum!
Please search existing threads, read and follow the good advice available there about how to look for and apply for jobs in Singapore.
If you then still have specific questions that were not already discussed, you may come back and post them here.
Good luck!

Looking for a paint works in singapore

Gerhald: What are paint works? Are yxou looking for a painter who renovates your house, or paintings by artists?
In any case, a Google search can probably help you.

My name is  Isaac Tham Mensah from Ghana and wish to stay in Singapore. I've a Degree in Economics. I've expertise in Financial services, Administrative, Agribusiness and also  help others to develop business ideas.
I hope will get a place at Singapore.
Thank you.

Hello Everybody,
I'm Matteo, from Italy. I am a fresh bachelor's graduate in Computer Science, with really little work experience but with a good academic background and volunteer experiences. My girlfriend is from Singapore and I'm willing to move there for work experience. The first month of sending applications was not so effective and so I am still looking to find the job.
I hope I can get some good advice on this forum.

If you read old threads, we have given plenty of advice, including threads at the TOP 3.

I would recommend to get 2 to 3 years of real-time experiences with an employer before trying here. Even though, you are lucky to find an employer who can hire you but getting a work pass for a fresher is tougher. Anyway, there is nothing wrong to give a try. Good luck

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