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Hello everyone!
My name MoyseyFalce.
Im from Australia.
Nice to meet you.

National Insurance numbers are free; there is no charge for these.  There is so much wrong with this, it's almost certainly a scam; be very careful.

Thank you so much. I would like to ask any advice for this because the employer and the immigration services seem legit. They have websites and contact numbers. Thank you so much!

Yeah scammers do sound very legit.  I've just checked out the hospital website, it looks very amateur and has spelling mistakes in medical terminology, just the sort of thing a scammer would create.

I second what Cynic says the website looks very strange. For a Private hospital to use Wordpress does ring alarm bells to me. On the home page, a contact phone number is a mobile number, no landline number given or a fax number.

On the careers page

We are always on the lookout for intelligent, hardworking and active individuals who seek to better themselves professionally and personally.

If you have great qualifications, please send your CV to: career[at]

The wording is very suspect.

A quick search and the mobile number given comes up at Fake number.

UK Fake number directory.

I am sorry to say but this is a Scam,

Just to add, if memory serves correctly we have had a similar case with the same hospital last year and we found it to be a scam. was created in Nov of 2018.
New hospital?

Just checked three photo from the site, one is a hospital in Malaysia, another from India, the third a shutterstock image.
Looks like the money he sent is lost.

By the way, National insurance numbers are free, so the scam is a bit obvious.

For posters reading these answers, it should be noted they refer to a post that was removed.
A poster has been scammed with a visa money con job.

Thank you so much everyone for the enlightenment.  I guessed I'm wasted my money and my job for nothing.

Thank you so much!

Speaking as an American - is anyone else embarrassed by the evil inhabiting the White House in Washington, DC? 

We are horrified that we will be blamed for the insanity and not as welcomed as say EU citizens are.   Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Thank you,
Ruthand Mike

LOL - well, speaking as an American, no, I'm not embarrassed by the current POTUS.  I must admit he makes me smile sometimes at the silly things he says, but he's not a politician, I expect nothing else to be honest.  What does embarrass me is a system that allows such people to be elected; if he was/is unfit to be the POTUS, then the system should have prevented it happening, it didn't, we got what we voted for; both sides politicians are like a bunch of kids squabbling over a bag of candy - pathetic.  The system needs changing so that all citizens can feel represented, not ignored.

You are correct. The Electiral College was out in place to ensure this kind of thing cannot happen. They did not to their job!

He makes me cringe. I was depressed for months after the election.   He is another reason we are trying to “”escape”.

We live Scotland and believe it is more welcoming. Isn’t that true??

Mike and Ruth.

My opinion - no, a country is what you make it.  If you think there is something wrong in the US, then you should join like-minded people and work together to try to change it for the future generations, for your children and grand-children, for those who don't have a vote.  If you find yourselves in a minority, then I'm afraid that's what democracy looks like when your side loses.  Just running around screaming that Trump is a "whatever", is entirely pointless and a complete waste of time; people have just completely wasted 2 years of their lives hoping that Trump had done something that could be proven as illegal with the Russians; people who believed that were completely misled; was it me I would be furious with those people who were making these allegations - I would never vote for them ever again.  You need to find out what enabled it to happen, then work to change that - can you do that from Scotland?

I don't believe that Scotland is any better or any worse than any other country; some parts are beautiful, others are not so nice; some people welcome other people from other lands, others are xenophobic, in those examples, it's really no different to the US in my opinion.

What a beautiful forgiving reply. Thank you for the balanced approach. We are often at a loss for words when expressing frustration.

However that does not stop our desire for a place in Scotland that we can call home. Whether purchased or rented it will be our home.

We know that the current POTUS is temporary. The hills of Scotland-the history of Scotland-the light in Scotland-and many more attributes are forever. That is where our heart lies. We are willing to work hard at capturing the love we have for Scotland and giving the country its due. We are determined our experience there will be the best it can be.

Are you a permanent resident?  What is your experience with government officials in dealing with the rules and regulations?

Hi again.

I get the attraction of living somewhere else and the pull of other countries; just remember that Braveheart was a work of fiction eh?  :huh:

It's not for me or anybody else to cast judgement on you or your wife's aspirations.

I'm a dual national (US/UK - mother was a GI bride); my family are all from around  Kentucky.  I used to work as a UK regulator, many times dealing with Customs and Immigration matters; I guess it's fair to say I know where to look for answers and how the regulations work.  Just about retired now and contemplating moving back to Holland (where my wife is from).

I wish you both the best of luck in your journey.  If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Understood about the Braveheart reference and we are aware of the Outlander effect, but have visited three times for a total of 2 months.  We have visited Neolithic sites from Orkney to the Isle of Arran and beyond.  We are in love with history and culture. We find it to be very rich in Scotland and in line with our values.

I am glad to know dual citizenship is attainable. Was that hard to do?  Where would we start to make that happen?  Is it better to spend some our time when we visit going to the various official offices to accomplish that goal?  We usually find ourselves spending more time in Edinburgh because the streets are easy to manage. Is that the best place as well? Or, would you recommend another place?

Your answers are very helpful and my husband and I are grateful. I know I am being a pest and thank you for your patience.

Ruth & Mike

Hi again.

I'm a dual national because my father was a US citizen, my mother was a Brit; most countries use the legal process known as "Jus sanguinis" to allocate nationality (don't know why they use Latin words to describe a simple process that basically means "you inherit the nationality of your parents, not the place where you were born"); so out of that, I have 2 passports (UK and US); I can't recall the last time I used the US one, it was probably over 30 years ago.

The UK Gov website has a page devoted to obtaining British citizenship; this link will take you there.  As to whether you'll ever be eligible for British citizenship is another matter; the UK no longer issues retirement visa's to anybody, so I don't see how you will ever qualify; however, if you have the time and money to spare, you may as well invest a bit of both in speaking to an Immigration adviser; the UK Government actually have a webpage where they offer some help in finding reputable people who can help you; this link will take you there; one word of warning, there are a lot of scammers out there, so stick to the recommended guys.  There is nobody that can offer you a cheap and simple visa, they just don't exist.  I've witnessed many people being turned away at airports because they "bought" their future from some guy on the internet.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Blessings on you and yours. You have been very helpful. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👵🏻👴🏻❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Hi! I am Stella from Athens, Greece!
I visited Glasgow a couple of months ago I fell in love with the city. Long story short, I am planning to move there in the Summer and I am trying to figure out what are the things that need to be done in order to have a successful move to my new city!
So excited for the new start, and so happy to find this forum! Nice to be here!

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