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hi Yazmin

nice to meet up with you here... I am from Gauteng currently working here on a contract basis as an architectural professional....

do you have your own construction company & and how do you find working in MU ?


Hi Don
No I don’t have a construction company. I have invested in some projects using subcontractors.
Working in Mauritius can be very challenging as the island mentality is something one has got to get use to and embrace in order to avoid stress and frustration.
How about you ? What projects are you doing? where are you based ?

Hi Julien

Thanks for adding me here. I will be moving to Mauritius tomorrow from Mumbai, India with my family ( spouse and 1.5 year old daughter ) and the contract is for a minimum of 2 years. My office will be in Ebene park and my company has given me an accomodation for 15 days in one of the apartments in Quatre Bornes.

Had some queries, which I would like to post here:
1. How easy it is for getting a rental accomodation and it ranges in which price for a 2 bhk. 10 15 drive from Ebene should be ok. Would love to get references.
2. Are there any nannies available , what price do they charge monthly?
3. I had a full time maid in India. Would love to get her in Mauritius to take care of my daughter, what are the formalities to get her in Mauritius?
4. What are charges for maids for doing house cleaning?
5. Any paediatrician references for my daughter?


Hi Everyone,

Im considering emigrating within the next 2 years. I currently work as a system engineer and would like to know whats the IT sector  like in Mauritius. How easy/difficult is it to come across this field of work?

M Mansi from India..m planning to move to I dun know how..
My profile is of teaching that to nursery..can u pls help me for that

Hi everyone looking forward to having a good experience. Cheers

Hello my name is " Prof John" H Stanfield II an American with a South African registered think tank  and socially responsible travel business  market targeting Americans wishing to visit African countries to do more than sit on beaches though nothing wrong with that either from time to time while interculturally sharing skills and life experiences ! I  Have arrived in Mauritius  last week and residing in Quatre Bornes as the University of Mauritius SSR Chair of African Studies . Am looking forward to meeting  fellow ex-pats!

Good evening, ladies and gent! I'm a 23 year old American expatriate who's lived on this island for 12+ years. I'm primarily looking for a few people to have some outings with (big plus if you're into hiking or watersports!) I do enjoy sports and the like and I also enjoy making short videography projects on the side (particularly of the marine life)! I'm also a six-year classical pianist and a student at Harvard University!

So many new faces those last few weeks! Welcome to Mauritius  :cheers:

We are organizing a great event on Saturday, August 17th at Sugar Beach in Flic en Flac. A great occasion to meet new people and share experiences!  :) … expat.html

It is free and open to all!

Sounds awesome! In case I can't join this coming event, I'm definitely down after the 20th!

Wonderful! Looking forward. Thanks.

Hey . Am NIGERIAN. Am new here. And till looking around. Still in my dreams to get the opportunity to get a job here. A work permit to say.

Hi, we still in South Africa.  We would like to re-locate by the end of the year.

How do you register your own company in Mau?

Hello..What are your major skill sets and work experiences...? Prof John

Hi Stanfield,

We have our own financial services here in SA.  We would like to open the same in MAU.

We give advice on Retirement Annuities, Life insurance, income protectors, employee benefits etc.

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