New members of the Mauritius forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi Julian

Im from Zimbabwe looking to move to Mauritius in the next year or two. I am 33 and have 3 kids. I am qualified in Sports coaching and Physical education and been doing it for 13 years now. Hopefully can find a job in Mauritius so we can relocate.

Also pretty much open to other Jobs if need be.

Hope everyone is doing well and had a nice Easter! :)

Hi, I'm a Zambian passport holder. Looking to start a business in Mauritius. And move with my dog. It all seems a little daunting.

How long is the approval process once everything is handed in? (For occupation permit)

To continue my yoga business.  Could I teach from the same house I rent?

If I plan to work from home, can I use the investment to cover rentals?

I would
Ike help with getting everything ready as a self employed expat

HI I'm Sarah

Hi there

My name is Meg from Nairobi Kenya. I moved here to be with my partner who lives and works here. It's amazing but also lonely.

Hoping to meet some friends

Hello, we are a family of 5 from Ballito S.A and are planning to be in Mauritius in 2020. We love island living and are so excited to move.
How does domestic help work??the costs and times??
Is it easy to find reliable help with kids and cleaning ect??
Mauritius brings new opportunities for our young family and we can't wait to be apart of mauritan culture.

My  facebook name ...  *** ... you can addmeif  you  want

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Hi Everyone!

I'm very pleased to be on the forum, I found a lot of intresting information already on living on the island. I don't know if I might have introduced myself before, but if not, here we go!

My name is Katrien, married to Frederik and we have four wonderful babies of 10, 12, 14 and 16 years old. We just bought our plane tickets to Mauritius from August to November, and are looking for accomodation right now. We seek to escape the rush in Belgium just for a while, prospect some business opportunities (Training & Consultancy in Change Management, Leadership, Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement and Negotiation Skills), maybe write a book(let), unwind, redirect our lives again. We will be homeschooling our children and hopefully learn a lot about Mauritius, it's nature and it's culture.

We have been living in Indonesia (1yr), Guatemala (1/2yr), India (1/2 yr), Ireland (1/2yr), Trinidad WI (1/2yr), Singapore (1yr) and Italy (1,5yr) before, but for the last fifteen years we somehow fell asleep in Belgium.

I'm a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology who has been working in education ever since I can remember and my husband is a Civil Mining Engineer who dedicates himself independently now to training in process improvement and negotiation. We speak Dutch, English, French and some Italian, Spanish and Indonesian.  All life changing inside information on surviving in Mauritius will be welcome!

An maybe we'll meet soon...

Welcome to MU....
Sure you'll enjoy it here

I'm Prashant Mehta from India with my wife.
My son married a Mauritian girl and they are living here with my grandson.
Now we're planning to stay here for longer.
Yes! It's the most beautiful place to stay,cool breeze,calm noise at wind & sea is tranquilizing experience.
One has to adapt to food & travelling is costliest.
I'm an experienced biology teacher now retired but continued online/one on one.
My wife is house wife & very good vegetarian cook.
If you need any assistance/help please call before arrival on my ***
It'll be a please helping/assisting you & family.

Grace & Peace with Love to you all
Prashant Mehta

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Hi Everyone,

Currently resident in Mauritius. Well I'm Jyotishnah but I prefer Jyo.
Ive been working for a group of hotels for more than 2 years now and I freelance in Content Creation and Social media.
Feel free to add me and inbox me for collaborations and lets partner up to know one another

thank you

I'm Prashant Mehta.
I was a teacher & now learning content writing.
Will you please help?
Thank you!

Hi, I lived in South Africa for 20 years, UK London for 12 years then moved to Mauritius last month. I work as an IT consultant in Quatre Bornes. I would like to make some expat friends in Mauritius as we would have a lot in common.

Julien, thank you for inviting us.
Yes, I'm a newbie.  Not just to expat Mauritius, but also to "social media".  Like many, I'm considering emigrating to Mauritius/île Maurice, as a retired single person.  I'm doing my research, trying to find helpful contacts, just like other people here.   
I am sure that I am not the only person who needs a little "hand holding".  I don't suppose my questions/concerns/needs are much different to others...?
Of course one can find immigration lawyers etc., find most of the info we need on the 'net... And I'm sure anyone who is serious about relocating doesn't mind investing a few rupees for good, kind, fair and thoughtful advice.  Is there something like that exists in Mauritius?
Best regards, cordialement

Alan (undependent).

Hi Julien.
and ALL Team,
Thank you and Good Evening.
I am 64 years old married have a son and a daughter. We stayed in the UK for the last 25 years. Now me and my wife we have decided to move back to Mauritius. We both worked in the Property, rental, sales, development and management in the UK. Now back in Mauritius we will continue in the same business.
We have setup our office in Sodnac, Quatre Bornes and we are pleased to register our BR Court with


Hi Jo
I may be interested in collaboration with you. I am I. Flic-en-flac. I am also starting a social media business. I'm a graphic designer. You can WhatsApp me on *** or email me ***

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Hey I am from South Africa in KZN. I am a PhD scholar visiting one the University here on Mauritius. Looking for a friend.
My name Is Thabo.

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