New members of the Kenya forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hello my name is ANDRÉ KONDI i am a former religious preparing a Master degree in Governance.  Looking for a job to start a new life thank you.

Hi Beatty!
Welcome to Mombasa. I moved here in 2011 from Houston, TX. I'm a single mom of 5 and a cultural entrepreneur. I'm involved mainly in the local theatre and tourism support and in the process of starting up a coworking space.
What do you do and how is your stay in Mombasa so far?

Hi! My name is Lisa. I was born in Nairobi but left to Canada as a teenager and lived/worked in the U.S. for over 20 yrs - in fashion and later in real estate. I returned to Kenya in 2011 with 4 of my children to raise them in a more stable environment. As a certified arts and culture strategist, I consult for the local theatre and sit on the board of the umbrella tourism body for the coast region. I am also involved in community work and in the process of opening a coworking space for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Hello there

Nice to meet fellow Canadians here.  I also recently moved back to Kenya from Toronto, Canada.  I am in the process of setting up my business and giving back to the society where possible.

I am looking forward to meeting other like-minded Canadians here. I spend most of my time between Nairobi and Kilifi.



hi all, my name is faith koome. i am a concierge or errand runner. am currently living in eldoret. i hope to grow my network and serve more clients from here. my contact is ***

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I am Eunice Mweu ,a  kenyan citizen looking for a job

Hi I'm larrisa born and bread in Kenya I take this opportunity to welcome you all to our loving, peaceful country as you run your errands may peace be with you all blessings!

Hi I'm larrisa born and bread in Kenya I take this opportunity to welcome you all
our loving, peaceful country as you run your errands may peace be with you all blessings!

Welcome all

thank you Larissa. I like the weather here😊

You're most welcome. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the weather wishing you a lovely weekend ahead.


Moving to Kenya from South Africa end of December.
We will be in Karen, 2 kids, hubby and 3 pets😂😂
Any advice or tips for us?
What to pack, bring extra etc?
School stationary?

Lol any advice would be welcome

Hello, you don't need to bring anything other than the of importance to you, kenya is a very friendly, welcoming and a loving place I'm sure you'll love it no need to get yourself stressed at all.
Wishing you a pleasant stay in my country welcome!

You will require an import permit for your cat or dog. I hope they have a vaccination booklet.

Don't forget to pack your camera as you would want to save all the unforgettable moments you will experience in Kenya :-)

Karibu (welcome to) Kenya and have a wonderful stay.


Enjoy your stay in Kenya.

Good afternoon. How difficult is it  to purchase property.  I am a university professor and planning to move to Kenya in January 2020.

I am excited to be coming to Nairobi. Please suggest places to visit?

Depends on your interests. There's many nice places to visit. For example Arts and culture places , nature places,or wildlife places.

Good Morning everyone,
I am Doreen but my friends call me Dee, Born and raised in Kenya. Lived in Nairobi all my life and I am loving every moment of it. I am a wife and a mother to a very beautiful princess.
I am a real estate consultant and have offered real estate services to various people and companies for 10 years now. I am here to network and make new acquaintances.

Hi Kenyan, Born and raised here. Working in the Education Industry as an IT Systems Admin but currently running A Campsite. I'm all about the outdoors.That's where life is.

Looking to connect and to convert you all into potential clients.

check out my profile, website, add me to your contacts or look out for ads posted by me

Asante and Karibuni Wote


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