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Hi All
I am Dr Asogan, MBBS FCGP , a General Practitioner in Jakarta.
Indonesian citizen of Indian origin. Was living in Singapore before, and now back in Jakarta permanently.

keep well..


hello my name is Ahmed

i come from Iraq

i have been living in Medan Indonesia for about 2 weeks and planning to stay here for a year with my new wife who is from Indonesia .. i still have some issue to make friend here in Medan because i dont speak Indonesian.. i would like to have friend for gathering and hangout .. for example the movie Avengers End game come out today and im searching for people to join me watching It ..

Thank you All  :)

Hi all,

I'm Maureen and newbie here :)
I'm Indonesian and would so glad to know all of you from around the world!
I'm working in Coworking Space as Community Manager.
I joined already in Whatsapp group.

Hopefully i could meet all of you someday!
Have a great day! :)

Hello, Maureen, and welcome to the forum

Hi Everyone,

I'm Heru Budiman

I come from Bandung and living in South Jakarta because I'm working at FIT (Foxconn Interconnect Technology), but from the May 1st I will farewell from FIT and join with Garuda Indonesia. Btw, I already joined in WhatsApp group, find my contact with bunny emoticon :D

hopefully could meet with all of you guys  :)

Thank you
Have a great day :)


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Hi guys

I am Indonesian, live in Tangerang city
I am working at Aerofood Indonesia as Inflight duty free service manager for Garuda Indonesia group.

Please feel free to contact me if you pass by Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta

Warm regards

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are new to this country, welcome to Indonesia. For those of you have been here for awhile and begin to get frustrated, rejoice; you becoming a local... none of you are alone in this beautiful but strange and at times illogical archipelago.

However I'm glad you decided to come and stay, hopefully you can enjoy more than just the food while you are living here.

I'm an Indonesian who just arrived back from Milan. Yet my Italian is still very basic :(  Just finished my degree in Art management and looking forward for any art related activities/ job that can elevate the relation between Indonesian vs international art scene. ***

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Hi! My 8 year old daughter and I are moving to Ubud in September. I need to find a place to live in the city center or close by, a coshare office space with reliable high speed wifi, and a world school community.

I am thinking of renting a scooter while living there and was wondering if it is safe to do while transporting a child, especially during the rainy season?... I hear taxis are expensive and uber's are out lawed?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hello, my Name Is Syahrul, I'm Indonesian. Now i am in surabaya, but i have many friends especially in bali, lombok and bima. I am very happy that you can come to Indonesia. I hope to help you if there are things you need while in Indonesia. Even though my English is not very good but I will try my best for it. Greetings

HI Guys,

I am Shai. I am married to my Indonesian wife, 8 years ago. Since 2011, I flew to Jakarta from KL every month without fail. The past few months after much thoughts, circumstances regarding death in the family, I have decided to move to Indonesia to be with my wife and kids. I left my good career in Kuala Lumpur.

I have been living in Serang, Banten for the last 1 month, beginning April sorting out my KITAS, at the same time looking for work.

I am an  Architect / Design Manager / Project Manager with 18 years experience. If any of you have any leads for any suitable career opportunities, i would appreciate it very much.


Hi, Shai, and welcome to the forum.
Serang is handy for immigration and so on, but the shopping there is a little more limited.
Hope you enjoy your stay and find work shortly.

Hi, I am a Canadian and am in the midst of securing an employment in Jakarta. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I should arrive by this summer. Having left the country >22 years ago, I feel like a newbie to Jakarta when I visited it earlier this year. It's my first time going back after > 19 years. [My office will be right by the Plaza Indonesia. As I wont be driving anytime soon (have to re-adjust my driving style), I am thinking to find an apartment (at least 2 bedrooms) within walking distance to my office. For now, I am looking for a one month rental (hopefully before the end of the month, I could find a more permanent place to commit for a full year rental). Ideally, the apartment needs to be near food courts/restaurants, etc. (something like the Meditteranean apartment complex by the CP mall is great, but it is far from my office location) as I don't cook. My families will not be joining me anytime soon (at least 1 year) until I settle down. I am not concerned about finding schools, etc. Any recommendation for a decent apartment near the Plaza Indonesia area that would allow me to just walk to the office?] -- PS:  I will move the boxed section to the "housing forum". I guessed I just want to say Hi to everyone. I look forward to connecting with fellow expats, especially the Canadians to learn more about any tax planning that they did prior to moving to Indonesia.

Hi all,

I'm Esti from Jakarta and I'm new here. Nice to meet people from another country. Welcome to Jakarta to the new comers and get used to with the atmosphere.

I have good product, a solid team and market target that ready to be managed, but less financial to setup new company. If anyone here want to invest in this opportunity and start to open new company we can work together.
Thank you


Hello everyone,

I'm agung recently settle down in Bogor, Indonesia from my almost 2 decades jobs adventure in Dubai.

Hope I can see you guys soon...

Hi, Agung, and welcome to the forums

Hi Fred, thanks mate

Nice to meet you. We pop down to Bogor from time to time, usually to the excellent safari park.
The Arabic restaurants are well worth a visit as well.

Likewise mate, nice to meet u too.

Been there last week for hubbly bubbly, i like riding with my small motorbike from Bogor to Puncak Pass on weekdays (less traffic) or camp in my mpv on weekend to save money 😃 hahaha not so bad though...

We usually stay at the zoo hotel (Zoo tickets are cheaper that way) so we have easy access to everything, that including the restaurants.
We went home via Pucak pass last time in the hope of avoiding the messy toll roads around chicken peck that are such a cluck of a mess.

Hi guys,

My name is Rita. I am British but planning to move back to Indonesia, both of my parents are native Indonesian, live in Jakarta. In the middle of preparing my move in June, very excited to be back after 25 years away.

Have a good day!

Hii...i m diah..
I join with maybe since 6 month ago..but today ..i try to introduce my self as a member of I stay in east jkt..and i working for jkt government..and i spend my time to study again in 1 of university in south jakarta..and this my 2nd study same with what i want since long time hope..with this i can help other people who dont know about indo a nice days...😁😁😁😁

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