New members of the Colombia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Colombia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Colombia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

My name is Jonathan. I am hoping to move to Colombia from Canad but many obstacles, like not knowing anyone there, not speaking Spanish, and how expensive a business visa is ($25,000!) exist. Any help or advice is appreciated.

My name is Tim, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  I moved to Colombia in September last year.  I visited Colombia many times in the past and love the variety of fruits here.  I speak some spanish and use duelingo to improve, taxi drivers are good teachers too.  I have Colombian friends who suggested I joinan expat group, so hence, I am here.
Thank you

I'm Kelso, I am retiring soon and I would like to move to Medellin for a few months. I visited Colombia last year and loved it. I speak very good Spanish but with an obvious accent. I lived in Panama for a year when I was a teenager and really enjoyed it but it was too hot. Medellin has the perfect climate for me. I would like to spend a few months in Medellin to see if I would like to move there permanently. I also have a dog that I love but dont know if he can come with me.
Thank you,

Coming from the US, bringing your dog is easy.  Call you vet, and confirm they are a USDA authorized vet.  If so, they'll perform an exam and give you a health certificate which must be either electronically signed by the USDA or you 'll need to overnight it to the local USDA office and they'll overnight it back to you.  Once you have the form from the vet, you'll have 10 days to enter Colombia with your dog.  (If it sounds complicated, failure to do so is only a $200 fine).  Keep in mind, that Bogota is the only airport that has a 24 hour animal inspection service available. … cotas.aspx


Thank you for the encouraging information. I might be screwed though because my dog is a rescue and he looks like he might be part Pit. I dont know how they determine the dog breed at El Dorado. He's fixed, sweet, and a low energy dog.

What breed is on his vet records? My boy was also a rescue from a shelter and initially had 'pit' in the mix of what he was, but when I had trouble renting, my vet gladly changed his breed on his vaccications and records to 'Jack Russel-Mix' and even in the US living in a city where Pits are not allowed in any apartments, we've never had an issue. :-)  I've found through this whole process of becoming an ex-pat, you need to get creative with all your resources from vets, to using friends addresses for residency in non-income tax states and shipping your personal goods to  your new home in a cost-effective way.  I could literally start topics on all of these matters.  Feel free to reach out privately if you want some more details  about what i've done and learned so far!

I filled in His records to say: Border Collie/Boxer mix. Thank you for the information.

Hi everybody!
My name is Gopal,
I'moriginally from Venezuela where I graduated as a Professional Cook.
Currently living in Colombia for the last 5 years where I've worked as a Business Developer in different areas.
My family is from Palestine and they established in the middle 1950 in  South America.
So thanks that I have duo citizenship.
I'm looking for new opportunities since I recently arrived to Medellin.
Thanks for reading.
Best Regards

My name is Sharon.  My husband and I currently live in Florida, USA.  We are approaching retirement age and thinking about where we can afford to live on Social Security and do some traveling.  Since I speak some Spanish a Latin American country seems obvious and the weather in Rionegro is perfect for us.  Our plan is to visit there later this year and see how it feels to us in real life.  My husband is a ham radio operator and hopes to find that there are like minded expats to be found in the area. Oh and we are vegan and pleased to see all of the vegan restaurants in Medellin!

Best wishes,

I am bringing two russian vans, which I have driven with a bunch of friends from Mongolia into Cartagena the first week of july. The trip doesnt start until September but they arrive into port in July so I am coming over from the UK to collect them and park them up until September. My problem is temporary import permits. Both the vans are in my name and you can only bring one in per name. could anyone suggest any help?

Hi Sharon, my family lives in Medellin and I was there earlier this year.

You can find a good expat community in the neighborhood El Poblado

Good luck!

Hey Tim, whereabouts in Colombia are you?

My gf and I are moving there later this year.

Hi forum members,

My name is Marco Guerrero. I live in Dallas, Texas.  My situation may be a little different as other expats, as I was born in Mexico from Colombian parents. I lived in Colombia until the age of 14 when I moved to the US.   I have been in the US for 35 years now.  I am seriously considering leaving the rat race here in the US and move back to Colombia.  My goal is to make real estate investments in Colombia and live a more fulfilling live.  I am planning to be in Colombia the week of June 22. If you have any events during that week, I would love to attend.

Love forward to being part of this group

Thank you

I am Temitayo Ogunti, a teacher in a school in Bogota, lived here with my family for one year now. I will love to meet new friends here and attend any organised events.
Thank you.

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