New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi guys,
I just joined here, Looking forward to having a nice interaction with you all.
I from South Korea. I have been living in Toronto for some time. Have kind of fallen in love with this place

I want to run my project on Binance Login in canada and i will describe my business later.

Am Jackson am qualified construction worker am need of job in Canada someone to help me

I’m her in Taiwan interested to work Canada maybe somebody can help me I’m a care giver at home for 5yrs... I’m hoping that somebody can help me to apply the legal agency here in Taiwan plz.... I prayed that one day god send me somebody can help me to go to Canada plz....

Hello Gwennily!
My name is Riza from Edmonton, originally from Philippines. 


Hello there!
I am Riza from Edmonton. I hope you will make it to Edmonton. Lots of work here in the healthcare system. I work with AHS myself. Goodluck on your journey.


Hi I am a Tanzanian graduated with Masters Degree in  Public Health. I am very much interested to migrate to Canada. I speak English and ready to work in any state. I need you assistance.

Thank you so much. I am glad to meet you.
I am interested in moving to Canada from Tanzania.
I would like to find more about visas and working permit

hell everyone.
  i am actually here to know more about Canada and how best to get admission into a masters programme.
  hope this forum would be of immense help
thank you


Howdy, Everyone,

I just join this platform & seems quite interesting. I would like to say HELLO to all of you !

My name is Nadine from Cameroon. My husband and i (39 and 36 years old)with our 2 kids (5and 2y) of course, we just came back from Tunisia 4 months ago(contract over). We have been teaching  french there for 6 years for me and 10 years for him in a primary school. We are so shocked by the actual situation in Cameroon that we are planning as soon as possible to move to Canada(especially ottawa). We are currently looking for  direct employers in the education or social domain. If you have any information of such jobs or you are an employer please don't hesitate to contact us. We are perfectly bilingual( french and english). Thanks for responding.


I am interested mainly on working in Canada and part of my interest is to venture the place.

I am a skilled customer service representative (Call Center)

Other than that, I am currently single.

Hi everyone, I have just recently moved back home to South Africa after four to five years of travelling for work and play in Italy, Turkey, UAE, America, Spain, Australia and some others. I have competed in solar racing world champs as well as presented my work at an AIAA conference.

I am looking for some advice on moving to Vancouver, Canada. What is the best way to find design engineering work there? At this stage, my resume is pretty much perfect and I am applying for work. But im not finding it easy to find work. Any suggestions?

I havent applied using yet. I'm working on that. I've use glassdoor, indeed and Linkedin so far.

Hi Everyone,

Not really a newbie anymore, i lived in Toronto for the last 10 years,
I am from Ivory Coast and I spent a year in Montreal before moving to Toronto
I had the same hope of finding a good french speaking job in Montreal but I ultimately  decided to face my fears and improve my English.
I have been doing that on and off ,  and i kind of believe that you never stop learning.

I am an IT manager for a small team for implementation and support of a enterprise applications. My secret dream is to be a javascript front end developer and ultimately be skilled enough to bring my entrepreneurial ideas to life.

thank you for reading and feel free to contact me.

Hi Friends,

I am a new member in Canada forum, my name is Mohammed Salem, I am Specialist Process Control in Oil and Gas Industry, I am currently looking for a similar job in Canada,
Hoping to get support from you

Bonsoir je suis étudiant en premier année en géographie à l'université de cheikh anta Diop de Dakar ( Sénégal ) et j'aimerais continuer mes études supérieures au Canada.
Votre aide me sera précieux.

I'm a Civil engineering graduate from India. I'm looking for opportunities to move to Canada through work visa. I'm so passionate on my career and I'm trying my best to get a career start in Canada.

Best of Luck.


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