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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jordi, I am from Spain and I have lived before in Canada and Mexico.

Now, I am living in Siem Reap and I own with my wife a web design agency.

About my hobbies, I like to play soccer, hiking, videogames and knowing other cultures.

Hello Jordi.

Welcome aboard this forum.

Scroll through the various threads for info, if questions still exist please feel free to post them in the appropriate thread or start a new thread.

Have a pleasant stay in Cambodia!

Cambodia expert team

Hi all am Lyndah
Am planning on visiting Cambodia to work and stay there,I hear it is a very friendly country and beautiful as well

Hello Lyndah.

Apart from welcoming you to this forum I would like to inform you about problems you could face with Immigration.

There is a tendency to refuse people of the African continent an Ordinary visa on arrival.

The only way to get around it is to get an Ordinary visa from a Cambodian embassy/consulate in your country or closest if no embassy is present.
For that you will need quite some documentation, letter of invitation and more.

My advice: get in touch with the Cambodian embassy/consulate to ask about the conditions of getting an Ordinary visa from them prior to your flight.

Furthermore scroll through the various threads here for other information, if questions still exist feel free to post them in the appropriate thread or start a new thread.

Have a nice day.

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Hi I have been living in Bangkok for the past 10 years and well we know how it goes the strong baht and  the TM30 sometimes i feel like  I am trapped so looking around the most recent post I saw was

If you’re over 55, it’s easy to get a retirement visa in Cambodia. Pay about $290 for 1 year visa! No supporting documents are needed.🆒No I went from ordinary visa to retirement visa never leaving the country.

Here its so restrictive is not the fun place it was .
Does Cambodia have all the reporting like 90 day and every time you go and stay in a Hotel .
I am just looking to the future but currently I am not moving around much .
Who knows going out can be OK coming back in who knows ..
I was a Blacksmith/ Farrier for a long time in Oz .
Funny I joined this forum thinking I was connecting to Cambodia for getting to know Cambodian  expats but some how it was showing me Thailand ?? ☯️
Like I have a motor bike could I take that into Cambodia ?  I like to fly a Drone too and I heard that is allowed mostly in Cambodia .. Morning over the river is one of my flights .

Morning over the River


No 90 day reports,  no tm 30, no visits to immigration,  you just go to a reliable agent and they take care of everything.

Motorbike you can bring in,  just have to register it.

Bank account: passport with minimum 4
months visa,  rental contract,  $10 (Canadia bank).

Easy peasy.

Cambodia expert
Expat. come team

Hi Joe ,
Thanks for the information and I have some good news too . The TM30 has been cancelled thats good leave the country or move to another residence and  there was a post that Cambodia was doing a similar thing but I guess not . that post points to a location but I am sure it will be across the board

Many thanks Joe

Posted 2 hours ago
A call to Nakhon Si Thammarat Immigration on Friday confirmed that they will no longer require TM30 to be re-submitted after tenant stays at a hotel in another province in Thailand.  Foreigners (or their landlords) staying in Nakhon Si Thammarat must still re-submit TM30 if they (a) Leave the country, (b) move to a different address permanently, or (c) stay at another residence for an extended period of time and submit a paper TM30 at the other residence.  In other words, staying at a hotel anywhere in Thailand that does online TM30 will not require you to re-submit when you get home.

Nothing of the likes in Cambodia.

You just get your annual extension of stay through an agent.

You will never see an immigration office from inside.

No tm 30, no 90 days report,  nothing.

Your one year extension of stay is multiple entry,  no need for a re-entry permit,  you go out and in as many times as you like,  no restrictions.



Thanks Joe thats like amazing here I am afraid to travel very reassuring

all the best


Do these agents have websites at all ?

Hie lm Ngoni looking forward to work in Cambodia as a nurse, lm a foreign nurse
Can u help

Hi ,
I'm a multi skilled professional , Engineering graduate with Masters in Business Administration , Now reading for my doctoral . Having 15+ years of Industrial exoperience in Infoamtion Technology and management as well as teaching as a lecturer in many leading local & foriegn universities . Now seeking an opportunity in Cambodiato move in .
Prasanna Liyanage


As you are from an African country you will need to go to a Cambodian embassy in your country to obtain an Ordinary visa. You cannot get this visa on arrival.

Certain documents are needed by the embassy, so inquire on forehand what you need to take with you.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hello Prasanna.

Welcome aboard this forum.

Scroll through the various threads for info, if questions still exist please feel free to post them in the appropriate thread or start a new thread.

Have a pleasant stay in Cambodia!

Cambodia expert team

Hi all,

Have just accepted a job in Phnom Penh and scheduled to move there at the beginning of 2020.  Any recommendations for the best sites to find an apartment?


Google and you will find.

Interesting is that apartment-owners use several agents to rent out, so you will find the same apartment several times at different real estate agents sites.

Come over and look for yourself, it's not a problem to find a suitable apartment.

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

Hi, I am from India planning to come to Cambodia for business. Presently I am in digital marketing business with website building and artificial intelligence. My plan is to start tourism business there because Angkor Wat is of great importance for indians as well as in other countries. So my plan is to promote Cambodia tourism in my country as well as in other countries because I have few connection in China as well as in Japan. Any help or comment on this will be of great value and if anybody want to connect with me are welcome to setup things by mutual interest. Again thanks toall n particularly this great forum .

Hi, I'm Ann. Living in Kep...Would enjoy meeting other ex-pats. Any Scrabble players out there?

I'm speculatively enquiring about ESL teaching positions in Cambodia.
I have 5 years of teaching experience, enhancing the language skills of students across a  spectrum of ages, in schools located in China and Indonesia.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not hold a degree, however I am in possession of a TEFL certificate and as previously mentioned, 5 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language.

I would able to commence a position from  January 2020 and am wondering if anyone might be able to offer some advice or direction as to my next step.



Tom from Melbourne Australia via Bangkok (50% of last 5 years spent in BKK) and doing a very slow border run. Second time here in SR in last 2 months months and really enjoying the laneways in the Pub Street precinct.

Melbourne has recently (ish) 'discovered' laneways dining and shoping and those citizens would surely love the scene in SR.

Staying in Neth Socheata guest house which resides on the corner of 2 laneways.

Anyway I'm seriously debating the thought of staying here for up to 60 days but would love to find a place with a real kitchen and appliances so I can cook some western grub. I'm a little bit over SEA cuisine ATM - I like it but need a contrast.

OK OK I hear ya "...but many places serve Western food...". I will try it for sure but I don't have high hopes.

All the places that I've seen on Airbnb are the usual no-kitchen ones. I saw a post on where a member used the services of an Aussie expat to find something for 5 weeks but cannot find it.

Any ideas welcome.

Maybe I'll run into some of you guys'n'gals in the not too distant future.


Hi All! I have been on the forum before but am now actually in Siem Reap. I move into an apartment in "The Dragon" condos near the  Angkor Preservation Society in Treang village area. After a few days rest, I would love to get together with fellow English-speaking ex-pats (especially from this neighborhood but from anywhere in town) and just enjoy the pleasure  of company as well as trading information (which you will no doubt have a lot more of than I do!) I would be glad to buy lunch, dinner, tuk-tuks or whatever you like in gratitude for you allowing me to pick your brain about the area. I am writing my third book and a good deal of it will be about Cambodia. Please see the newspaper articles, Pod TV/Radio interviews, etc. In the About Author/Media section of the website so that you can be confident I am not some axe murderer or other assorted weirdo. Due to the fact that you are on this forum at all, I am going to assume that you are okay too. Thank you for your kindness and attention. I look forward to meeting you. Be well, Tenzin (Doug "Ten" Rose)

Hello all,

My name is Faith, I moved to Cambodia in late Nov. I did the TEFL program and I am now looking throughout the country for a place to live. I am a nature girl and need to be around awesome nature. I love the idea of finding a small village where there are no westerners near a bigger village that has westerners in case I need some resources. I am looking near Kampot and Kep but I'm looking for environmentally conscious people out in the cuts. I like Kampot and Kep because it has mountains, rivers, ocean, and city. I really hope the Chinese don't destroy it like they destroyed Sihanoukville. That's my biggest fear about moving there. Does anyone have some insight for me/recommendations.


Welcome aboard this forum.

I think you are on the right way, Kampot and Kep seem to have what you are looking for.

Good luck and don't worry about Sihanoukville, it will be a fine large city in a couple of years with Western hotels near the beaches (Novotel, Intercontinental, Marriott are the first).




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