New members of the Bulgaria forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Bulgaria forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Bulgaria if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello, eve my names david i am from Nottingham originally but have been living in yorkshire the last 20 years.i am in varna today i have just bought a house in a little village called Geshanovo in the district of Dobrich district today.i intend moving out next year but in the meantime i will be travelling back and fourth to renovate the house,i have grape vines and walnut trees on my land and am surrounded by rolling hills and trees and lavender fields,and 40 km to the nearest beach.i  found the locals really friendly in the country side, but not in sofia or varna both cities are real shit holes (forgive the french) full of gypsies who rob and steal and throw there children into moving cars to make a claim.Bulgaria is a beautiful country if you stay away from the cities.i will be heading home to blighty tomorrow afternoon good luck with your new venture.regards david

Hi dear,I moved to Bulgaria 4 months ago and now I am a student in Sofia.I have 2 big problems for opening a bank account and also finding English kindergarten for my son.

Hello everyone, i am Dana from Kuwait, i used to live in USA, Atlanta in my childhood.
I have been planning to move to Bulgaria for years, i have collected some infos but still need more especially accommodations and costs of living i am also planning to apply at one of the universities In Sofia.

hope i will find more informations here that could help for my journey.

Hi all.

New to this.

I'm Susan and me n my hubby are planning to move out to Bulgaria this year. We've bought a house in Polyana village near Silistra.
Needs a lot of tlc, so looking for builders if anyone can recommend.
Also need some advice regarding removal options from near Manchester uk.

Really can't wait to just get everything in motion now and leave the rat race behind.

Anyone living in that area please get In touch.

Thanks all.

Hello,  my name is Dilys.  I am originally from the U.K., but also spend time with my daughter in Texas.  I bought a house in Koprivets, about an hour from Veliko Tărnovo, and am currently looking for a contractor ( who is reasonable price- wise, and is reliable.). Perhaps, someone has a good recommendation for me, and I who I can contact to meet up with.

Thanks in advance,  Dilys

PS. I will also need a good landscaper down the road as well.  All referrals are very welcome.

I have been in Bg for 6 years now for at least 4 months a year.   I have learned a lot and am investing however it is caveat emptor!

I refuse to conduct a contract unless it is a direct contract with the buyer or seller.   It took me a long time to find an honest attorney. 

Having said that, I have title 16 on a compound that I built and on other investments.   Yes, I retained consultants and paid them handsomely but have the necessary documentation.

We should have a mutual contact forum for real estate review.   As for purchasing any product in Bg.  Just remember "Everything is Fake--every piece of clothing shrinks 5 sizes, but the food and the people are worth it. 

I have been in kisoks, where I give 50 lev for a 20 lev. purchase and they refuse to give change and then dissapear.   Being forewarned is being fore armed.   Never make change.  Never change money at a change booth.  Bring your cash.

Congratulations,    My wife and I first purchased a flat then built a beautiful compound overlooking St. Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nessaber.   The challenge is to find an honest provider.   I did find one after several missteps.   Learn to pay for every invoice and discuss prices directly with the supplier.  Hire an independent engineer to inspect everything prior to paying.   There is no recourse once you let  go of your money. 


Hi Ex Pats, just joined the forum and would like to connect with anyone from the UK living in BG.

Does anyone know how long a UK national can stay in BG please?... and do we need a visa if we wish to stay for a long period of time?

You are a EU citizen, no visa required, just register where you live and you are all set, in all honesty you don't really need to do that either (depending on what you are planning on doing here).

Thanks for the reply, I'm a EU national but looking to live here long term, maybe indefinetly. just wondering what the process might be please?

Wow!   I had not heard that about Varna.  It has not been my experience in St. Vlas near Sunny Beach however I have seen plenty of misrepresentations and scams.   At Koleskivo, in between Sunny Beach and Burgas, there is a fair every Thursday.   I have given 20 leva for a 4 leva purchase and they refused to give me change.   So beware, when buying on the street have exact change ready. 

On the other hand in Sunny Beach, I had a bag of money I had collected from the ATM's for several days to purchase a used car.  The bag broke and money scattered to the wind.  I loart not a cent.   Many people helped me round up the money and all were returned.   So, is it the Gypsies?   Yes in my mind!   I have had wonderful relationships with native Bulgarians.

Just go!   That is what we did and spent several months touring the country.   We now have a home in St. Vlas and are looking for a winter home in Sofia.   My advice to you is rent, rent rent! for at least a year till you learn the customs and the policies.   Beware of the Real Estate Agents and the Attorneys they use. 

I was taken on my first flat and am now in over my head.   However, we love the location and are living the good life at a very comfortable level.

Hello,  I live in Bulgaria, if anyone wants to repair his home, or cleaning garden,  I can do this work. I live in tarnovo.
We moved to Bulgaria 2 years ago, we are establishing an eco farm.


Hi I'm Bob I really want to move to Bulgaria but haven't a clue. I've found some properties but don't know how to start the process there seems to be a lot os taxes.
I was told the notary is half the price of the house things loke that can anyone help.
Regards Bob

Hello  [at]Rob141,  am living in Bulgaria, and it's very beautiful country.  What are you looking to do here? what kind of business.
I can help you to find a good house, where do you prefer in the village or in the city?
There are different prices for houses and flat, depends on the quality (good condition, poor need some renovation, ...) and on the location.

Am living in a village near Veliko tarnovo,  prices here are fair,  you can find a good house around
20 000 euro and with few renovation it will be great.
All  houses come with a garden,

Be careul of agencies and brokers, they are taking commission,  and regarding thr registration in the notary, it's not expensive,  it will not go over 800 or 1000 euro , depends the price of the house.

if you need any help, you can inbox me.

Hi Rob,

This is some kind of a joke, right ??

"I was told the notary is half the price of the house "

Not moved yet, but will be soon. Would welcome any first hand experience?


Really?? Let me know how did it go with the purchase.
I am planning to move and will be hunting for a house soon. Notaries are that expensive?


Welcome, Xee, inbox me

Hi kristian I'm looking for about 1 hectare if possible I don't mind renovation.
What do you do?

Hi David im Bob just wondering did you have many problems starting out through completion.
Regards Bob

Hi Bob!
I can help you.

Hello, guys,  I can help you, if interested, write to me

Hi Everyone

My wife is Bulgarian and myself English, and we have just purchased a new build apartment in Dobrich overlooking the park, and are in the process of fitting it out . We will look to spend more time there once complete.

Does anyone have any contact details for a good carpet fitter in Varna/Dobrich area? It seems rare in Bulgaria that people have carpets, we are shipping the carpet we want out there over summer and want it putting down to UK spec.


Hello all, I wish to purchase a house with lot in Bulgaria. I heard many ripoff stories about agents, even registered lawyers scammers. if you made a successful purchase with a reliable and honest real estate agency with a ligit website please do share.
Many thanks


I am Oksana, live in the UK but considering moving to Bulgaria (I hope it's not too late). Unfortunately I will not be able to come until 1st of October and with brexit looming I am not sure if I will be able to secure a residence card fast enough. Everything else can be easily resolved. If I do succeed it would be lovely to meet other expats and make new friends.

I am Boian, native of Sofia. Although not a real expat, I signed up because I enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures. I lived in the US for about 16-17 years and decided to move back to Bulgaria permanently in 2012. Prior to that, as a kid I lived with my parents in Algiers (1981-86) because of my Dad's work engagements. Currently, I am planing my move and looking for a job in Plovdiv. Looking forward to make new friends. Meanwhile, if I can be of any assistance to any real expats, let me know. :)

Hey people, I'm Eddy, currently living in Bg for one year.

Looking for new opportunities here.

I speak 4 languages (French italian Spanish and ofc English)

If you have any question, let me know!

Hi Bob, my partner and I moved to Bulgaria last November. We rented on the outskirts of Sofia whilst we looked at properties in the northwest. We found a lot of properties on the site

We got in touch with several different estate agents, initially, but ended up looking at 13 houses with two different agents. The one we bought off is run by Viktor Mihaylov, called Vratzata Estate Agency, based in Vratsa. He deals a lot with foreigners, has excellent English and has been brilliant. We paid him €500 for ‘the full package’, which is sorting out everything - utilities, ID card, re-registering the car etc etc. Of course, it depends what area you’re looking at. The northwest has some of the cheapest properties. Our house cost €7500, but it was a particularly good deal, and had lots of things going for it because it had been briefly owned, before us, by an English couple who’d put in a bathroom and other mod cons.

I can’t remember how much we paid the notary - certainly not half the value of the house!  Probably the equivalent of £100 or so.

We’ve been in our house since the end of February and are very happy, struggling with the garden and other jobs!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want more information/help. Best wishes, Caroline

Hi Everyone! Trying to figure out how this works haha:) A Lithuanian currently based in UK, moving to Bulgaria this August/September to start a new adventure with my partner (based in Bulgaria for work). I’m a personal trainer and an indoor cycling instructor, very nervous about the move but so so so excited at the same time!  Hoping to find some answers here on how to start my own PT business and would love to make some friends!

Hi Zee and Kim, please see my message to Bob. It applies to you, too!

Zdraveite & Namaste :)

Greetings everyone, I am Bhushan from Mumbai, India and will be moving to Bulgaria around start of August this year. I'll be put up in Sofia, but might end up living there for long term too.

Ok, so I am absolutely new to Bulgaria and I'd love to meet the people/learn more about this country and her culture. In my previous avatar, I've worked in the social development/impact space. I've founded a social enterprise start up in India facilitating access to clean electricity to financially poor and under-served households in my country and have done/still doing something in Myanmar.

Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Impact Focused Startups are my passion. Even though Bulgaria is a relatively new country for me, I'd still like to keep my passion alive to work in the social development space, and I'd love to connect with people coming from such areas.

Bugodarya :)

P.S. - Someone has a magic pill which helps to learn Bulgarian super quick? :D

>>>>P.S. - Someone has a magic pill which helps to learn Bulgarian super quick?

Sure, Learn Russian first. Bulgarian is quite similar, you will learn it in the blink of an eye.

Hello people, I'm Stephen A student of computer science and informatics I will be moving to Bulgaria after I graduate from the university for my BSC and that's two years from now, I wish to know what I should expect when I move to Bulgaria, where can I find the most affordable housing (how much does buy or renting cost if you know) and is there any trusted site I can buy or rent from? what kind of jobs can I get in Bulgaria  as a graduate of computer science, I have a lot I wish to know about Bulgaria but any information will be appreciated while I learn the rest on my arrival, I just wanna be prepared

Hi I'm Diana and my partner is Chris, he has bought a house in Vidin and is moving in August, I will be following him soon after hopefully.
We have a beautiful rotty called bonnie. Chris lived in BG before for a few years and has always talked about going back and now he is.
I'm hoping to make new friends for when I get there. I am wondering if there are any expats in the area.
We enjoy entertaining and are both easy going. I would love to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch, I appreciate any tips offered.

Hi Everyone,
My name is Sue and my husband mike and I are hoping to retire to Bulgaria either late this year or early next year.
So far we have looked at Pomorie but really aren’t certain about what area we wish to live in.  We would like to live near other ex Pats so any advice would be appreciated

Many thanks


Hi, I am from Germany and living in Bulgaria for four years. I am in Varna and would like to meet some expats or Bulgarian people.

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