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Hi all,

Newbie on the Belize forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Belize if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Replying to the Tenyjaylin

There is very little chance of getting work in Belize as an expat. If you are going on the QRP it is against the rules and  the positions you mention are HIGH end jobs and not going to be open to expats at all. Buying in Belize is easy, selling if you change your mind not so much.
The advice is always visit  and explore possibly a few times to get a feel for the place before you make the big move, and then still rent for a good while,  6 to 12 months to give you the options to find your ideal area, or change if your mind you can leave without taking a huge loss.

good day, i am Serge van Doorn. I am seriously considering moving to Belize in the very near futur however, although not required i would like to find employment in the Information Security domain, where i have been working in that field for the Canadian Military, government, and presently incorporating ISO27001 for a European Company.   Is there any such employment there?

thank you


All employment of expats in Belize is dependent on getting work permits. Either via an employer, or independently.  Both take time and $$$ to accomplish. I do not know, outside of possible government offices,  if you would find many  if any companies in Belize that would utilize your skills.

thank you for your reply. I shall continue my search

thank you Julien, how would someone with $4000 month make out in the Corozal are? 


With that income (presuming you are saying US$) you can live very well in most parts of Belize.
Why only Corozal? if there were any companies able to utilize your talents they would most likely be in Belmopan, Belize city or on the Cayes.

no it is Canadian, sorry. i ask because maybe i just dont want to work anymore and actually enjoy life


Well as that is  over $2kUS  and if you aged over 45 then you can qualify for the QRP. Main benefit you get to import your household stuff (up to $15kUS) and a  vehicle less than 5 years old, and a boat, and light aircraft so long as you have qualifying licenses all and you own them outright without liens on them, all tax and duty free.
You do need to pay into a Belize Bank account $2k per month. Some get confused with this, that cash is still your own money to do what you like with, it is  not some sort of tax. it is the amount that the GOB assess is sufficient for an expat to live in Belize, same figure for a single person as a married couple. i suggest you explore more of  Belize before you take any big leap. Each district has its own charms and its own faults and all are different.

again thank you for your reply. I am simply looking for a place i can retire mostly free of stress. yes the $4000 cad equates more than the 2k us. see i have PTSD from my military career and no longer can deal with work stresses. I will continue to view other places in belize as per your suggestion.



I am new to this and have visited Belize. I plan on moving to a rental for a while to see if we are a good fit with one another. I am a retiring criminologist college professor (May19) and want to move to a nicer place. I am not a city person at all. I hope to live simply with a few things.Wherever I move I need at least one room to control humidity for some possessions. I need access to internet and am wondering if satellite tv/internet may be available in more remote areas. Not being rich (divorce is a cure for excess money) I cannot buy a new landcruiser so what kind of vehicle is good? I will stop here, too many questions. Anyone that will assist with knowledge is my new best friend!
David Camp

Welcome to the forum. There are many here who share your sentiment.
Internet access will depend on where you are. I have heard good and bad about satellite here, but don't have any experience with it. Most do well with SMART WiFi and cell phones.
I doubt you would be able to  afford a new Landcruiser in Belize - $150K (US), based on your statement above. There is a Toyota truck available (Hilux) that is about $40K (US), and about the same for a 4 Runner. If you come as QRP you can import a vehicle without paying an import duty. Or you could buy a used vehicle in Belize.
Good luck in your endeavors.

I am Charles King & my wife, Tana & I reside in Dallas Texas. I am a retired financial advisor & Tana a retired educator.
We have 5 children & 12 grandchildren.
My goal in moving to Belize is to improve my health & lifestyle, however she is hesitant to be away from our daughter & grandchildren. So, we are working on a plan to achieve both!
I need suggestions & information to help us accomplish this plan.
Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forum. You can get a lot of good information and suggestions here, but you really need to visit to get an idea of the country and the possibilities for your situation.
It sounds as though your best option would be the QRP route, as it will allow you to come and go whenever you feel the need. You won't have to spend a continuous year in-country to achieve permanent resident status, plus you can import a lot of personal items duty-free.
Come see if it is a good fit for you, and happy travels.

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