Driving in Romania..?international license??

If hiring a car in Romania and Bulgaria, do I need an International drivers' license or can I just use my Australian license? Thank you

This is almost true, but dont let any police men see you doing 'whatever the hell you like'. The driving standards are not awfull, but you need to concentrate alot here in Bucharest, and keep a watchfull eye on your mirrors and blind spots.

I have my UK driving licence, which is perfectly ok to drive in Romania, but if i get caught doing something naughty, and my licence is took from me for the three month duration, i have to go to England in person to collect it back, and because my car here is from Bulgaria, we also have to go to Bulgaria to fetch the registration documents from there too, should i ever be unlucky enough to get caught doing something silly that is.

However, as i am married to a Romanian girl, i will now change my licence for a Romanian one, anyone got any info on that by any chance?

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