Dog walking around Vacoas/inland

Hello everyone,

We are thinking of adopting a dog and making sure we have all the information needed before. I have been looking for places to walk a dog around vacoas area and have not found a lot as the parks around here don’t allow dogs which is sad. We will any probably go to the coast and areas which a not near us but if we need to walk our dog around here, does anyone know where we could go?




Vacoas is a pretty densely populated urban region so you won't find large open spaces there for dog walking activities. You will need to go out of town, in the suburbs or even further out.

The most popular places for dog walking are sugar cane fields, foots of mountains or along the coast - provided you keep clear of areas with lots of people like popular beaches.

You can go around the gymkhana football ground. You won't be allowed on the track inside with a dog but you can follow the track outside. It's quite safe as well.

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