Soccer, cricket and dance schools for children

We looking to move to Mauritius sometime this year and are wondering if there are any good soccer and cricket clubs around? And any good dance schools for my daughter?

Lots of football and dance (depending on the style) clubs on the island. There are public and private clubs, affiliated with other sports clubs, schools, district councils and municipalities.

Cricket club not really, at least not one that I'm aware of. However, I do not Indian expats do organize some cricket matches on some occasions.

Thank you so much

I have a friend who has a dance school in Quatre Bornes. Happy to share his details with you if you want. What type of dance are you looking at for your daughter?

Thank you that would be wonderful! She did ballet and modern, but is currently doing contemporary and freestyle.

Northfields Cricket club near Grand Baie plays in the local league and has social games. Often youngsters are included in the teams. There is school cricket and junior coaching clinics arranged via the club. search for NCC facebook page and they will give more input. I believe there is a similar setup in the south at Blackriver as well.

Thank you so much!

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