Moving to tenerife.

Myself and my partner are looking to moving to costa adeje in tenerife. I am 25 years old and my partner is 30. We are wanting some advice on finding work. I am level 3 qualified in childcare and my partner is a structural metal decker. Would it be possible to get a job in childcare without speaking spanish?

Whether you speak spanish or not I very much doubt that you will be able to find a job which will be legal employment.

That being so you will need to be able to show sufficient income and full medical cover to be able to remain legally in Spain.  I doubt that a child minder job will achieve that

Thank you for your reply. Would it not be possible to work in one of of the hotels as a kids club rep? Surely large companys would odfer medical cover?

If one is legally working,  the medical cover is provided by one’s social security payments.  The contract covers the income.   

In that situation one has the income and medical cover requirements for EU Citizen Registration, therefore legal residence status.  Without that,  to register and be legal, one needs to show income and private medical insurance.  That is FULL 100% medical cover

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