I am seeking the help from the Legal Advisor from KSA, One of my friend victim of his sponsor due to Issuing him (Huroob) (Absconding from the job) past 9 month. He went to Labor office in Riyadh and file the complaint against his Employer regarding the issue.
1. 3 month notice received from the Labor office
2. 3 months Notice received fromthe Labor office to stay till another notice
3. 2 Months Notice received from the Labor office to stay till another notice
he would like to ask the concern in Labor ministry to the concern but no one is supporting him to say this month your case will finish or you will have to wait for more months.

1. No job
2 No Salary from the date of Resignation
3 No End OF Services received
4 No Passport received from the Employer
5 No iqama renewal nor any information about the case.
In this situation what will be the Employee will do. kindly advice or what need to do to close this case

1) You need to get a proper legal adviser i.e. the kind you pay for.  People on the forums can only advise and most of us are not lawyers
2) This situation is by no means unique. But the fact that he went and filed a complaint is i.e. it means that the Huroob was unfairly applied or illegally applied.  I don't know what the circumstances for that are as you haven't listed the same
3) The question is what does he want to do?  does he want to leave?  if so, that is easy.  He can go to Tarheel centres, report himself and get deported
4) In case he wants to stay, the only options are to either convince his sponsor to lift the Huroob or get a lawyer to try and fight this.  I must warn you that the second options will cost money, will take time and proving illegal Huroob is difficult at times

whatever I know that he/she can challenge his/her sponsor in Honorable court if he/she is huroob  by his/her employer.

Yes, and I never said that he cannot.   However, once you are marked Huroob, your status is illegal and you should NOT go to the court alone.  Because you can be arrested - that is why I suggested a lawyer.

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