Best Neighborhoods within Zone 2 to Live w/ Young Family

Hello all! After doing some research, we have determined that it will be in our best interests to choose a neighborhood in which to live that will be within Zone 2 (Zone 1 seems to be too crowded/too expensive in general).
-My husband will be working in Canary Wharf and I am a stay-at-home mama to a 1.5-year-old boy.
-I would love a neighborhood that has the necessities within walking distance, as we will NOT be having a car for the first year.
-I'd prefer a neighborhood that is fairly quiet in the evenings, and that isn't infested with raucous bar-goers on the weekends.
-We will be renting, not buying.

All input is very welcome :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Canary Wharf itself lies within Zone 2 and has some very nice places around it; the only drawback is it is mouthwateringly expensive, you're talking over a million for a 2-bedroom flat, so the rents will be people trying to make a profit on their million-pound investment; here's a link to a website with some information for you.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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