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My name is Charmaine. My husband and I own a labour brokerage company in South Africa. We also have a 14 year old daughter.
We are desperate to sell up in South Africa and relocate to Mauritius. We just don't know where to start.

Is there anyone in South Africa or Mauritius that can help us with all the legal issues, house-hunting, school finding and business opportunities in Mauritius?

Thank you so much.

Hello Charmaine,

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Please have a look at the professionals recommended in the Mauritius business directory, you can search by category.

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I sent you PM with some relevant advice that stood us in good stead.



Will do.
Thank you so much Bhavna.

Thank you so very much Stefan.


Can you also forward me the advice. We are also looking to make the move by end of the year.

Hi Neil.

No problem. We are actually meeting with an agency today.
I will forward all the information that we gather today to you.


Thank you, appreciate it!

Pop me a message and I will pass on my two cents. Been here 14 months and paid a few school fees. All the best (Neilvz86 and Charmaine)

Hi Charmaine,

Can you also please send me the information as we are also looking at moving to Mauritius from South Africa.

Thank you


Hi All

My name is Raeesah. I am an Accountant and my husband a Senior Sales Representative. We also have 3 kids.

I am in the same position as Charmaine.
Also looking to sell up and relocate, can anyone assist with any advice on legal issues, house-hunting, school finding and business opportunities in Mauritius?

Many thanks,


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My name is Bruce Price, my wife and our two sons are also looking at the move from JHB and we have been talking to a company based in South Africa called the Soverin Group based in Cape Town, as I would also like to see if our business is able to be relocated in Mauritius. I reach out to see if you may have any other contact or details for us to try as I would like to see what options are available to  us.

If you are ave able to share the information we would really appreciate it.



Hi Bruce, welcome to the forum  :)

Since this thread is meant for the introduction of new members, you will surely get some responses if you create you own topic on the Mauritius forum.

Feel free to provide more details when you open your new topic so that members may guide you.

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