Indian Dl holder apply for IDP in klhi

I want to check if it is possible to apply for a international driver permit (IDP) in kuala Lumpur if I hold an Indian DL.

I have no plan to visit my home country any time soon.

Thanks in advance.

No. Only Malaysians can apply for an IDP based on their Malaysian driving licence.

Even foreigners holding a local licence still need to get the IDP from home country based on that license.

Methods for getting an IDP from India are as per rules prevailing India.

Check with BLS if unsure.

Thanks Gravitas! Appreciate your response.
Just want to clarify with the current rule as applicable Feb -2019.
I can use my chip based Indian drivers license and get it is certified with BLS would qualify me to drive in Malaysia and there should be no ambiguity about this approach.

Yes you need to get it verified from BLS which is out source agency. Also i guess you need to check with for any new rules etc.

thanks for you reply.I was browsing expat forums on fb on the same topic and one thing lead to other stumbled upon on this article. … or-expats/

and this announcement

Application of International Driving Permit (IDP)
Application for International Driving Permit can be made at any JPJ State or Branch Offices or the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) office.

Please take note that AAM and MAA (Malaysian Automotive Association) are two separate organizations. MAA does not issue IDP.

For any enquiries on IDP, please contact AAM Tel No. : 03-5511 1932.

will call them up tomorrow and check if these guys can help get IDP

Not sure if Socar has got the correct information or it's a new service because usually an IDP is only issued by JPJ for Malaysian Driving Licence holders for driving outside Malaysia. But interesting to get your feedback.

Edit. Come to think of it the information was valid a few years ago but heard people tried to follow it early last year and were told IDP had to be issued by home country licence authorities.

It makes sense that the 24th September 2018 ruling is the latest information.

Indian DL holders still need to get their national DL authentication done by BLS

Hi Gravitas,
Thanks so much for following up and responding to my queries.  I am very great-full to you.

My case is

#1) My DL issued is Chip based issued in India
#2) The photocopy of the DL is attested at BSL, KL.

I am trying to be 100% sure that what I have all the information and complied all the articles and latest rules.

Hi Gravitas,

the following is the update,
#1) Called up JPJ and got to know that they cant use IDP to foreigners.
#2) Called up AAM and the operator there couldn't understand me she said it is "OUT OF STOCK". Not sure what that means.
#3) mentions that you can get INDIA DL attested but does not mentions that it makes you eligible to drive in Malaysia

while the embassy sites of UK and AU are much clearer on the eligibility and requirements.

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