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Hi everyone, I'm new member in the expat.
I'm married since 3 yrs with my Ukrainian wife and in relationship more then 4 living in England.
Often I found my self talk with her but maybe her no experience I do not have the answer clear that I would like to list for understanding how it works the Ukrainian public health system.
She told me that in Ukraine the health system and the hospital are public managed so not private.
She told me as well that people that need hospital and need to be hospitalised nothing is provided from the hospital from medicine to even sting and various needle and bandage need to buy everything plus doctor want money as well for go through the treatment and obviously all the services provided from the hospital blood test and various x-ray or CT scan.
Please anyone have experience or knowledge to clarify to me how it works the system cause I'm a bit confused about it.
All of this one because I got really serious health problems in my life and makes me concerned all of that.
In the far future we spoke with my wife to spend in Ukraine part of our life so for this reason I'm really wondering to know about that.
Thank you in advance for any answer.

Hi Andrew, present time in Ukraine is providing medical reform so it is difficult to say how it will work in future.
Concerning the information from your wife, particulary she is right. But we have private clinics too. There is different level of prices.
The best private clinics in Kyiv are Boris and Dobrobut and the price of services is rather high. There are some other clinics such as Adonis, Intosana... their prices are lower.

In public hospitals medical services should be free but of course they haven't enough medical supplies, so sometimes you should buy them yourself. The salar of doctors is rather low so most of them are taking bribes. Of course they will help you without bribe too, but with the bribe the level of service will be higher and the doctor will be more friendly.

Emergency medical service are free but according new medical instructions in some cases it could be difficulties to call the emergency.

I live in Kyiv so this situation is for Kyiv. May be in regions there will be some differences, but I think the situation in regions is worth.

Hi there
Public health in Ukraine for citizens and permanent residents is free, but you need to pay for medication and it helps to give the doctor  a little bit. But the cost in most cases is very little. Blood test £5. Xray £8 and so on. local medical insurance for the year is about £35. A good medical cover will cost you £900 to £1200. a year for privet care and all costs are met. Sounds bad not really the Yanks been doing this for years, its only the British that get it easy. Anything really bad pop into Poland with your EU medical card and get it free. Most other complaints you can self treat, They have prescribing Pharmacy's here, so a lot of drugs are over the counter..

martin Odessa

Martin and Tes give good solid info.
Best for you because you have the Euro health from Britain to go to Poland.
Presently Ukraine only good if you have the money to pay for what you need.
Good example is what my fiancé and I are going through with helping her father in Poltava.
He has a very badly infected lower left leg from an injury and diabetes.  It is a kind of ulcer that is eating his leg.  Regional hospital is overcrowded and he will not be admitted before we can pay up front for what he will need.  We are very poor with too many other debts to raise the money needed.  We are desperate to help him and do not know how we can.
Just a very bad situation.

hi there
just a few pointers and i know it sounds really daft , but check on internet. For an Ulcer that will not heal use sugar, normal every sugar. change every day..A doctor in UK is trialling this in Leicester Hospital. look … 799/......
In eastern Europe antibiotics, are a little old hat. Get him to have a Phage match test. Very cheap and very very worth while, less than $10.



Eating raw garlic may help and try pacing the wound with fresh crushed garlic.
Garlic is a natural antibiotic.

So good of you to chime in.
I am not with my family in Poltava now but I will pass this on to them.  Thank you so much.
But his leg is so badly eaten away at this point I can not believe they will not amputate.

Hi Alvpackman.
It's a very pity situation. My father was in the same situation ten years ago.
To my opinion, your fiance should find very good vascular surgeon in Poltava and go directly  to him and to persuade him to take her father into the hospital for the therapy. If he wants money just give him this money. And persuade this doctor to leave her father in hospital at least for one month. She should said that she is ready to pay for the room. Ten years ago in Kyiv it cost 100 USD per week, hope now prices didn't change significantly.
Unfortunately in this situation your family should pay for many other things. If there will be surgeon operation there will be necessary to pay for the surgeon, for the anesthesiologist, pay for the reabilitation after the operation.

So be active, persuade, if you see that the doctor is not listen, try to persuade with the money. But don't stop, don't listen that you couldn't do anything in this situation. You could.
Hope there will be enough time to save the leg.

I searched the web, trying to find the vascular surgeon in Poltava with good reviews.
Oleksandr Bezkorovainyi is the head of vascula surgeon department in Poltava Regional Hospital. If it is possible, your fiance should go directly to him.
Here is the information about his department (unfortunately in Ukrainian). I see that they are working with vascular diseases caused by diabet: … 6%d1%97-2/

Good Luck.

Thank you Tes.
Hope you do not mind me just calling you Tes.
I am very thankful for your advice.
I know it is the regional hospital where he must go.
With the heavy snows recently that was another problem just to get around.  Her car is a small front drive Toyota with only summer tires too.
I will give her the name of the surgeon.
I know that a friend was also saying he had this problem.  In his case they took veins from the healthy leg and transplanted into the infected leg.
But yes of course it always comes down to paying the money.  She still needs to get him admitted for the evaluation.  Then to get the bad news of how much!
I thank you again Tes.

Thanks Tes.
My fiance will be taking her father to the regional hospital today if roads are passable.  She needs to have help from people to get him from the apartment to the car.  Then from the car into the hospital.  She says that a simple wheel chair is not even available.  Do you or anyone know if there is such a store where you can rent a wheelchair?  Or buy one?  Not talking about an electric mobile chair but simple chair the person can operate or someone can help with.  Thanks again.  Alan

Hi Alvpackman.
Tes is ok :)
I've find this advertising concerning the wheelchair in Poltava.
Phone number is +38-067-132-87-06
The price for rent is 500 UAH per month, but it is a pledge--2 500 UAH. If you return the wheelchair, the pledge returns to you. … wQGJS.html

If you don't succeed with this one, I could search you another one.

Great!  Thank you Tes.
I will give this to my fiancé.  She has finally got him into the regional hospital today.  So far the doctors have already given them the bad news of his left leg needing amputation.  They will be making further diagnosis in the next 2 days.  But having a wheelchair for him is good news.

Alvpackman, it's pity to hear.
May be your fiance could find the information about which surgeon and anesthesist are the best in this hospital.
It's rather difficult operation, so it should be done in a high qulity.

Allow me to give you some insight as to what it is like.
Here is what is happening for me.  I currently live in the US.  My fiance of 6 years lives in Poltava, Ukraine.  Her father is now in the regional hospital with a badly infected leg wound.  It has come to the point where he has just received an operation involving the transplant of a section of healthy vein from his right leg to his left.  The doctors are very thorough and experienced.  The hospital itself is overwhelmed.  Patients wait to get in.  Once in they are literally waiting in the hallways on the floor.  They do  not have enough wheelchairs.  Her father is in a room but there are 5 other patients who share this room all in their own bed.  The doctors ran many tests before performing the transplant.  They are now waiting to see if the operation is successful and the blood supply going to his left leg is working.  But in the next day or two they may be forced to perform an amputation.
Up to this point it is exactly true what your wife has told you.  My fiance must buy everything that is needed for his care.  She also prepares food for him as she does not trust the quality of the food prepared in the hospital.  The doctors must also be paid but I am surprised they have not yet asked for this.  I myself was expecting my fiance to pay up front right away before her father would even be admitted.
There is discussion in the current government to do something to address the health care needs of the people of Ukraine.  What will be determined is any one's guess.  This a major problem that every civilized nation is continually addressing.  Here in the US it is a constant battle between political parties.  It is very distressing for people to not go to a doctor or the hospital because they are too poor to pay for the needed service.  It is common then for people to wait until they are in too much pain or dying before getting treatment.  My personal beliefs are that health care is a right of every person no matter the government opinion.  It is virtually a crime to ignore provision of health care because of ability to pay.  This is a issue that should not exist.  But it does.
I do believe that there is such a thing as insurance for health care in Ukraine.  But it would only apply to having a private doctor or hospital.  Again if you have money it is available.
So I hope this gives you a clearer understanding of health care in Ukraine.  I would advise you to listen to your wife and try to watch what the Ukraine government comes up with in the months ahead.

Just a short note to go along with my post.  As I am posting this there is an advertisement for private health insurance on my screen from a health care provider in Ukraine.  So you may check that out as it could be worth your while.

Alvpackman, I see the advertisment of Health insuarnce in Germany, provided by Allianz.

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