Job offer & cost of living

Hey everyone,

Recently I received an offer to work in Singapore, which pays around $4500 (SGD) a month. The offer does not include housing or a housing allowance, nor a relocation allowance. As a single person, would I be able to live without financial worries and save (at least a little) in Singapore? In terms of my spending habits, I'm not the type to go out a lot (clubs/bars) and eating at high priced places but I do like to travel a lot. If I move then I would like the opportunity to do so, especially to neighbouring countries. Would this salary allow me to save enough to do so, say every few months (weekend/weekly trips)?

I'm 24, so if there is anyone a similar age, or has lived in Singapore at that age, would you recommend Singapore as a place to live? I'm someone who likes to do a lot in terms of sight seeing and daily excursions (hiking etc.). Is there enough of that in Singapore?

I've asked a lot. Apologies but I would really appreciate any input. Thanks.

The offered salary is above average for a person of your age in Singapore (of course, not knowing your education, background and the nature of the job, it is impossible to say whether it is a good deal or not).
As a single person, you should be able to live well on it and save some. The biggest expense will be rent - and it is easily possible to spend all you have on that, especially if you want a whole unit (instead of just a room in a shared flat, with potentially limited eamenities and privacy).
Singapore is a good base to travel around the Southeast Asian region, but again you could spend all your income and more on trips, or travel less frequently and by cheaper means. That's up to you.

Thank you for your response, beppi. It's cleared a lot up for me. Rent was my biggest fear. I'm completely fine with just renting a room so I'm going to check out my options on that front. Once again, thank you!

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